Friday, March 14, 2014

DC Gameday XIV: Casino Karnstein

DC Gameday XIV is coming up on the weekend of March 29th-March 30th and player registration is already open. After a grueling couple of months of real-world crazy, I was just able to post a game to run on Sunday the 30th at 10:00am:

Casino Karnstein (Fate)

"It’s 1962 and the mysterious Count Wolfgang von Karnstein has invited the world’s most notorious criminals and masterminds to gather at his luxury alpine resort and casino. Ostensibly it’s for thrilling skiing and high stakes gambling. But as a member of a team of international super-spies, you know that the real draw is the chance to bid on von Karnstein’s latest diabolical invention. Your mission is to infiltrate Casino Karnstein, discover the nature of the MacGuffin, and ensure that it cannot be used by anyone but those in your organization.

I had a great time running a Fate Supers game at DC Gameday XIII and I thought I’d try my hand at the 60's super spy genre. My own game group is still deciding on our next big game and one of them would essentially be a thriller. I need to prove to myself that a mission-based thriller could hold my interest for the long haul. It will certainly hold my interest in the run-up to running Casino Karnstein. I'm looking forward to overdosing on James Bond, Archer, Mission Impossible, Avengers, the Man from UNCLE, and even Austin Powers.

So, as of this writing, there are still spots available in my game (and many other games by the best game masters in DC). Head on over to the event list to sign up!


Xer0 said...

The 19th? I thought DC Gameday was 29 and 30 March this time around?

Tim Ballew said...

Arg! Typo fail. I'm running on the 30th