Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December Kickstarters

'Tis the season for throwing a little Christmas cheer (and a little cash) at some of the RPG projects that are currently making their way through Santa's workshop. I haven't bought much in the way of game product in the last few months, but the following Kickstarters have all caught my eye. I am going to fund or will shortly fund each of them to some degree.

Creatures & Encounter  RPG Card Decks

I remember discussing this project with Joe Wetzel of Inkwell Ideas on the way out to GenCon this year and it has gone through several iterations. It all started as a collection of really spiffy fantasy artwork that Joe would like to turn into monster cards - a deck of cards with a handsome image on one side and Dungeons & Dragons (insert flavor) stats on the other. I was mildly intrigued. I do like good fantasy art but I had little use for cards with monster stats. I suggested augmenting this with encounter cards featuring cool Dyson-style maps and Joe was off and running.  The current iteration of the project that is featured on Kickstarter has a little of something for everybody. Monsters cards w/ stats, encounter cards, and even stock fantasy art for purchase. Knowing who's involved with the mapping, I'm at least going to pick up the encounter cards. DungeonMorphs were just the coolest RPG toys of the previous year and these should should be similarly awesome.

ICONS: Great Power

I'm a big fan of ICONS and of the work of Steve Kenson in general. More importantly, I'm seriously considering using ICONS for my next big RPG campaign. Great Powers is essentially a supplement that revises and expands the powers for ICONS. Having seen the playtest file (available if you pledge), I can attest that it clarifies existing powers; has a cool new approach to stunts & gadgets; and includes a bunch of sweet new powers. I could build every superhero concept that I could think of with these rules. Incidentally, I love it when Kickstarters offer playtest files as soon as you pledge.


Run as fast as you can and jump on the bandwagon of this hugely successfully Kickstarter. FATE is a fantastic system and you'll get a crap-ton of awesome at the $10 level and higher. Seriously. Look at those stretch goals. That's a lot of stuff. Plus, the playtest files are available right now for the main book and the Wild Blue setting. I've always flirted with using FATE for games and if ICONS doesn't do the trick for my supers game (especially if my setting evolves away from straight supers) then FATE is going to be it. At the very least, I'll be looting the rules for things that I can use for ICONS (which is mostly FATE compatible). 


Trey said...

There have been a lot of good Kickstarters of late. I'm eagerly anticipating the World of Glorantha, too.

GeneD5 said...

Thanks for the reminders. I'm already a supporter of Kickstarter projects such as Elmore's art book and FATE Core, and I'll jump in on the Icons one....

Tim Ballew said...

I really like the Kickstarter model. It's really opened the doors to products that wouldn't otherwise get produced. *And* I love the fan input and bennies (like playtest files) as opposed to straight up purchase.