Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Risusiverse Reboot

There is a new home for the Risusiverse fan site. Dan Suptic has moved everything to Google sites due to a collapse in support from the previous hosting mechanism. The new site is spiffy and easy to use, but you will need to re-register to contribute. Just send an email to risusiverse@gmail.com and make the request to become a member.


Ian Coakley said...

Joining now!

jhonhwalker said...

Hi Risus Monkey,

Just trying to spread the word about my blog:


which is where I posting stuff about a setting for Risus from a world that mashes hand-knit zeppelins, block party politics, the Hypermodern League, and banjo-playing saboteurs.


John Walker

Tim Ballew said...

@jhonhwalker: I've been digging your site for a little while now and I'm looking forward to what's coming. :)