Thursday, August 16, 2012

Checking in from GenCon

So, I never did manage to return to the blog these past few weeks. Most of my life energy has been consumed by the house that I am about to buy (hallelujah!). But GenCon was planned long ago and I am here and already having a great time of it.

I'm working the Inkwell Ideas booth with Joe Wetzel selling DungeonMorph Dice, the ENNie nominated DungeonMorph Cards, Monster Standins, and his suit of awesome game software (Hexagrapher, Dungeonographer, and Coat of Arma Maker). I've never worked retail but I'm loving the fact that everybody is coming to us. I've finally met up with the esteemed Trey Causey of From the Sorcerer's Skull and Lowell Francis of Age of Ravens. I also met Old School luminaries Tim Kask and Bruce Heard.

After the dealer hall closed, I opted to try Hollowpoint at Games On Demand with Matt Jackson and Bryan Meadows. I have been hearing great things about the game and I came away mostly impressed. It adapted very well to a steam punk game of badass agents stealing a top-secret zeppelin. I loved the escalation mechanic and once things got rolling we all really got in the spirit of badassery. You can do almost anything, really, and we were constantly coming up with increasingly awesome ways to kill the bad guys. And i always consider it a successful game if a zeppelin explodes.

Up next: Old School Hack with its creator, Kirin Robinson.

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Lowell Francis said...

Was excellent to have a chance to meet you. I wish I had had more time at the show- going down for only one day just makes me realize how much I actually missed. I'd brought a copy of Action cards with me to show you, but of course I completely forget in the chaos of everything!

Risus Monkey said...

Doh! I would have been great to see the Action Cards. But it was really a pleasure to finally meet you in person. Perhaps next time there will be time for gaming. :)

Lowell Francis said...

After going down for just the one day, I'm determined to go down for the full show next year.