Friday, March 23, 2012

Risus On The Brain

I suppose that it should go without saying that I am super excited about S. John Ross' Risus Kickstarter. Funding is climbing to levels where we'll get at least one adventure with Kringle-level+ production values and one or two more adventures that could approach Kringle goodness as well. If you haven't contributed yet, please do so. You don't even need to be a Risus person. Risus seamlessly translates to almost any system out there. I've used it to stat out games using D&D 3e, Gurps, and Buffy

Oh, with S. John's writing, you can at least be sure these babies will be fun to read.

On a related note, reading one of the project updates gave me a thought. S. John hinted/suggested that  Deadly Combat (currently an option in the Risus Companion) might get promoted to the standard rules in Risus 2e. That got me thinking of other possible dice resolution systems in combat.

Here's a way to split the difference between standard combat and Deadly Combat. Unlike both combat mechanics, I propose the characters always roll the full mount of dice that would be allowed by their undamaged cliche. But using this alternate system, characters would only add up a number of dice indicated by their current cliche level. 

I haven't looked a this in detail, but I suspect that it lies somewhere between the standard "roll current level and total" and the "roll current dice and pick e highest" of Deadly Combat in terms of the difference in effectiveness between cliche levels. 


whiskeytangofoxtrot said...

To add to the games you can translate, I've been running Rogue Trader using Risus after the proper rules got a bit too clunky for my liking. It's a pretty swish fit, as instead of reams of skills and talents to describe the basic competancies a starship captain and Master Trader should have, you pop down "Rogue Trader" and you're there - from negociating prices, to swashbuckling combat, to holding your drink, to talking alien languages - all covered under those two little words.

I love Risus, and that Kickstarter's my next target (when I get paid).

Aarneus said...

Did some simple calculations on this. Basically it comes down to mitigating the death spiral. So, for both the original and this new system the average roll for a 3 dice cliché is 10.50.

But if that cliché is dropped to, say 2 dice then in the original the mean drops to 7 and in the new system it drops to 8.46.
If the cliché drops to 1 die then the values are 3.5 and 4.96 respectively.

Of course it doesn't affect the results if neither of the opponents are wounded. But the effects of losing dice are mitigated.

Sounds good to me. A Barbarian 3 should have some advantage against a 1 die one, even if she has lost 2 of her dice to damage.

It's hard to compare it to Deadly combat, though.

Risus Monkey said...

@whiskey: awesome. Hope yo managed to get that Kickstarter at the last minute. Love the little secret bonus he posted... A very interesting look at how to break down an adventure hook.

@Aarneus: pretty much what I figured. Slight mitigation of the Death Spiral.