Friday, March 09, 2012

Risus 2e in the Works?

The success of the Risus Kickstarter project has coaxed S. John Ross into spilling the beans about more upcoming projects. Take for example an interesting nugget from the new $250 pledge level:

Pooh-Bah: As above, and you'll be granted access to all blindtest material (and full tester's input) for the forthcoming 2nd Edition of Risus: The Anything RPG (the 20th Anniversary Edition) and the Risus Companion (if you're not an I.O.R. member, I'll throw in a complimentary membership, since access to the Companion in any form is an I.O.R. exclusive)!
He elaborates in his latest Updating Updatery (#2). I won't quote the entire message but the key bits are as follows:
  • Rules shuffling between the main rules and the new version of The Risus Companion (and the fact that there will be a new Companion is tremendously interesting).
  • Ceasing the implicit protests that Risus is only for comedy games. Even S. John admits that he uses it for his own semi-serious games these days. 
  • Cutting back to 4 pages! That's almost PocketMod territory. 
All good stuff. I'm definitely getting jazzed up to run more Risus games. Certainly by GenCon, hopefully sooner!


Narmer said...

Oh, cool. I was just thinking of trying a Star Wars game with the kidlets using Risus.

Dr Rotwang! said...

Yabbut--what's to change about Risus? I mean, with the rules and the Companion in hand, you can get into all kinds of delicious trouble!

matt jackson said...

I think this will be merely a cleaning up of the text and perhaps an inclusion of a few Companion rules that have graduated to the mainstream like Lucky Shots.

whiskeytangofoxtrot said...

... My God.

Where is my money?

Risus Monkey said...

@Narmer: Keeping in mind that the second edition shouldn't be functionally different than the first... :)

@Dr Rotwang! Not much is changing, I suspect. Like Matt says, just reshuffling the between the basic rules and the Companion. He mentioned that Funky Dice would probably slip out of the standard rules while Lucky Shots and Deadly combat might move in.

@whiskeytangofoxtrot: Don't look at me. ;)