Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hot Off The Presses: Weird Adventures!

I returned home from work today to find this on my doorstep. Hot cha! With convention season coming up, I feel a tremendous urge to run some Weird Adventures one-shots. Also, watch this space for some Weird Adventurers posts as I develop those scenarios and explore tools that might be helpful for adventures set in Trey Causey's marvelous setting.


Trey said...

Somehow, I missed this post last week. Glad you got it.

I look forward to those scenarios and tools--so I can nick 'em for my game. ;)

Risus Monkey said...

Soon (I hope). As fate would have it, I got ok'ed for the Hillfolk playtest and that has bubbled up to the top of my queue for the moment.

But I do have some ideas for some WA pocket mods, ideas for adapting WA to non-D&D rules, and other bits and pieces that I hope to start soon. Maybe even a one-page adventure!