Saturday, January 07, 2012

Weird Adventures

One clue that the 2011 holiday season was crazy and unforgiving is that Trey Causey's Weird Adventures was released in mid-December and I am only now getting around to buying it. This is the OSR/RPG Blog community product that I had been waiting for all year. I've been reading From the Sorcerer's Skull from the get go and I am continuously amazed and entranced by the stuff that Trey comes up with.

So it's loaded onto the precious... I mean the iPad and I'm looking forward to giving it a nice leisurely read. My players in my Knights of the Astral Sea game can expect to visit the world of the City at some point. If the stars align, I might even try to launch a new campaign there (system to be determined). Weird Adventures presses all my buttons and I can hardly think of a setting that resonates more perfectly with my sensibilities.


Trey said...

Thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy it. If your players do wind up in the City, please give us a report on the blog.

matt jackson said...

Will you be posting a in-depth review?

Risus Monkey said...

@Trey: Absolutely! It'll probably be a few months, though.

@Matt: Hmmm... maybe. I've been a little gun shy about reviews, though. Mostly, I like to talk about cool stuff I can use from a product or cool stuff that gives me interesting ideas. But I might lack personality traits needed to offer much in the way of criticism. As a creator myself (or creator wannabe), I know how people invest in their creations. And unless I've been egregiously hoodwinked into buying a genuinely crappy book, I don't really feel upset if a given product is not 100% awesome.

So yeah, I fear most of my reviews would look like "BLAMO is awesome because X,Y,Z" If I did a few of these, they wouldn't exactly be helpful to people using the review to make purchase decisions unless they combine it other, more critical reviews.

In short, expect more Weird Adventures posts. But I'm carefully consider whether or not I want to actually start posting real reviews. I might, or I might do something more along the lines of what Lowell Francis does with his "Games I Like" columns on Age of Ravens.

TJ said...

What is the best resource (free would be ideal) to drive this content?

I picked up the PDF for the flavor and quality of the writing from the blog. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't some basic class and weapon (gun) tables. Otherwise the setting is awesome.

Risus Monkey said...

@TJ: Hmmm... free resource to drive the content? Game system to run it with? I think the various retro clones would work (WA is naturally D&D-like). I'd also dig it with PDQ ( and Risus (