Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuning Up The Engine of Thwaak

Over at the Engine of Thwaak, Brent Wolke has added fancy new graphics to his beloved (formerly) 8-page Risus settings.If you haven't had the chance to check out these little micro-campaigns then now is your chance. Each is an elegant take on a very specific genre nugget - steampunk after a failed martian invasion, fantasy dwarven special ops, post-human robots seeking enlightment, and post-apocalyptic shapeshifters. Each is exactly as long as it needs to be and each one makes the most of the standard Risus rules, adding a few subtle modifications to emphasize key setting elements. The recent facelift reinforces their status as the gold standard of Risus settings.


The Grumpy Celt said...

This is good link - thanks for posting it.

Brent Wolke said...

Technically, they are still 8 pages...I've just added a cover and a credits page. ;-)

Nero said...

Brave the Impossible is brilliant.

Have you ever read Anno-Dracula?

Risus Monkey said...

@Nero: I adored Anno-Dracula and The Bloody Red Baron. So much fun to spot the references. I also like Judgement of Tears (set in the 50's), but it was very different.

Nero said...

Never got to Judgement of Tears.

Ever since I started pbp Retro-clones, I've put funky stuff on the back burner at a low heat.

BtI reminded me of Wars of Darkness. a Victorian era devastated by The Count (Anno-Dracula). The Golden Dawn lead by Aleister Crowley is fighting fire with fire, darkness with darkness. Criminal masterminds Fu Manchu and Moriarty are aiding both sides in the war with Verne/Wellsian Steampunk Super Science.

The players are part of the secret army recruited and trained by Mycroft Holmes, who is hell bent on avenging his brother's death.