Friday, July 15, 2011

Vote for Old School Hack

Voting is now open for this year's ENnie Awards. As a past nominee [how the hell did that happen?], I feel obligated to ask you all to get over there and vote. I say this despite the fact that other than a few noteworthy exceptions, I am not at all familiar with this year's crop of nominations.

The big exception, and the only one that I'm going to mention, is Old School Hack. This little beauty is up for Best Free Product. Since it's free, it doesn't cost you anything to check it out before your vote. Heck, you need to check it out even if you don't vote. Once you do, you may decide to vote just because of it. It's that awesome.

Click for Awesomeness!
For me, Old School Hack is my "RPG discovery of the year". It hits the light-hearted dungeon fantasy sweet-spot for me and my gaming group and I will henceforth jump at every chance to play it. I'd say it has an old-school vibe in a new school package but I'm bored of such distinctions. It's just a well designed and brilliantly presented game that zings in play.

So get thee to the polls: ENNIE AWARD VOTING

Full disclosure: Old School Hack is the only nominee written by someone I've actually played with. Kirin Robinson is a super guy and somebody that everyone should game with if they get a chance. But I'd recommend Old School Hack even if it's author was a total poozer.


Jennifer said...

Except I'd feel bad voting in only one category. Is that weird?

Risus Monkey said...

It's ok to vote for one category. :)

matt jackson said...

I voted in just two catagories, Old School Hack & Happy Birthday Robot.

ze bulette said...

Well I went and did my part of the OS guys, thanks for the reminder. :)

ze bulette said...


koboldstyle said...

Dude, you are awesome! Thanks for the promotion.

Nero said...

Risus Monkey wrote:
"As a past nominee"

For what?

"Most Accurate Poo Flinging"?

But seriously, what was Slaying Solomon nominated for?

You should have given us a list.

Risus Monkey said...

@Nero: Best Fan Site ( But best poo flinging would have been awesome.

@koboldstyle: Just dong my part. Got back from a Gurps game tonight that went well but I found myself wishing that I was using OSH instead. Would have been so much more awesome.

Rob Lang said...

I'm completely with you, Risus Monkey. Here's me doing my bit for the philanthropists!

Tzimiscedracul said...

Duly voted ;)

Awesome game!

Nero said...

A couple of things

The Running Death (Terminal Studios) another nominee for best free stuff would be great for Silverlode: Zombie Apocalypse.

While ya'll are there, go ahead and vote for Red Sands in Best Setting and Best Supplement. I'd love to see more Space:1889 stuff