Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ryth Q&A (Part 2)

Kesher at the Sandbox Empire has posted his second installment in his "Ryth Chronicle Cover-to-Cover" series. One again, he posed a few questions to the original masterminds:
  1. How were you determining treasure amounts?
  2. How much experience were you giving for monsters killed?
  3. Do you remember what date you bought the White Box?
I relayed these questions and Len Scesnsy replies:
I think we did a preliminary expedition or two as we developed our dungeons and the Ryth-world prior to the first ‘official’ adventure. That probably took several weeks, so we were pretty active by the early fall. John got the rules from Gary at our group’s summer convention, so it was probably some time in June or July of 74. I will check back issues of the bi-monthly gaming magazine I was editing and publishing then and see when the earliest mention of D&D was. On treasure, I know that we made an early decision to keep the amount of treasure acquired low to match the pricing system we had devised. Although it fell by the wayside early, we had hoped to have an actual economy, with stable prices for items and services, providing an entertaining side activity for players. We had enough experience with campaign games already (which is another story) to know that injecting to much monetary rewards into the mix would blow that sort of thing away. I’ve seen that happen recently in games like Everquest. Similarly on experience, we wanted to avoid hyper-leveling, and keep the characters roughly equivalent so they could enjoyably work together.


Chris said...

As a scenario creator, I've always found it tempting to explore currencies, conversion rates, and all kinds of fun economic stuff. But as a player, it always feels like balancing your check book. As Len notes with Everquest, games with successful adventurers make themselves susceptible to the Dutch Disease. I'd love to hear from someone who has struck a happy balance.

Risus Monkey said...

Contemplating a possible future fantasy sandbox campaign, it is definitely on my mind. But my current dimension-hopping sandbox bears more resemblance to Traveller and my party of PCs is still operating with fewer resources than one would expect from their station. In other words, they are struggling (which is all to the good).

(And yeah, I have the players that are interested in accounting manage the party finances during play)