Sunday, July 03, 2011

Crowdsourcing Buffy (Followup)

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Like the rest of my stateside American readers, I'm in the middle of a nice long holiday weekend. While the majority of the weekend was spent doing family stuff, I did manage to have an excellent game of Slaying Solomon on Saturday night.

Back on Wednesday, I solicited help from the community in coming up with interesting things to throw at my players. This post acknowledges those contributions because it really was a fantastic session.

Not being the guy who usually does the write-ups for these games, I thought I'd stick to brief summary:
On the Monday before Thanksgiving, various members of Slayer Club (including newcomer and high-school sophomore Jase) are patrolling a quiet suburban cemetery when they stumble across a slain groundskeeper in an unusual state of rigor mortis with his pants around his ankles. Before they can conduct a full investigation, everyone notices a horrible smell and trace it to "shit monster" feasting on a neighborhood dog. A fight ensued and the team vanquishes the disgusting creature and find themselves covered in supernaturally smelly sewer scum (and worse). Bad as that was, they also discovered that they were being filmed by two teen-age girls.
The girls, as it would turn out, were a teen-age potential slayer and her best friend (based off of a couple of teenybopper actresses that I should not be familiar with at this point in my life). Hijnx ensued as the party dealt with obtrusive cameras, disrespectful youth ("You guys are old and boring"), and a condescending visiting Watcher. The meat of the episode focused on the mystery of that statue-like corpse and about ten more just like it that seemed to turn up wherever the Slayer-wannabe and her friend had been over the course of the day.
That mystery eventually resolved itself as the party discovered that the proto-Slayer's friend (the one with the camera) was actually a special kind of demon who's soul/spirit was split between a completely mundane form and an invisible form that could only be seen through mirrors or camera and by her chosen victim (she fed on a variety strong emotions directed towards her). After blasting her with a fire extinguisher, Sam slew the demonic side with an axe and the mundane girl was left catatonic until the party happened upon the idea of conducting a reverse excorsm to place the entire soul within the remaming body. There were some mistakes in the ritual and the girl did take on an outwardly demonic coloration (purple), but that didn't stop her from asking young Jase out on a date. 

So, here's what the community contributed to the episode:

Tim Brannan suggested some interesting complications and difficulties with research. As per his suggestion, I placed a reference to the clue of the mystery in an occult tome that the party swiped from the jerk visiting Watcher. The party never did find the actual book that it referred to, but they did pretend that they had access to it just to piss him off. Near the end of the session, they managed to find yet another book that did have the answer they were looking for.

C'Nor: had a related suggestion about a book that should exist. I think I mentioned "...but that book is just a  legend..." or "...nobody believes it actually exists..." several times in the game.

Tim, Matt and Trey: Sewers, messes, and monster scat. The poop monster made the episode.

Professor Pope had the awesome idea of making the camera person be the monster. From there, the whole episode really fell into place nicely.

Rodney reminded me skeevy informants. We have several of those in Solomon (most notably Blair), but the party never did get there (though they did discuss it).


Dangerous Brian said...

I always meant to play more Buffy than I did. Thanks for the actual play report.

m.s. jackson said...

Two things:
1) Poop and fart jokes still work, even when you are 38.
2) "based off of a couple of teenybopper actresses that I should not be familiar with at this point in my life" LOL I am so with you. :)

Trey said...

Sounds like an interesting adventure.

Risus Monkey said...

And poop and fart jokes still work at "40".

Anonymous said...

Interesting adventure - crowd sourcing is a great way to come up with good ideas and innovations!

Risus Monkey said...

@Jackie: I totally agree! :)