Friday, May 20, 2011

The Spear of Destiny (for Otusworld)

The spear that pierced the flesh of Christ came to be known as the Spear of Destiny. Strange indeed that such a supposedly holy weapon would cross the veil between worlds and be used to slay Destiny itself. 

The Ophidian Oracle laired in the perilous Caverns of Koronus, rewarding heroes who passed though a gauntlet of savage monsters and deadly traps with unerring personalized prophesies of greatness. Since the onset of this Fallen Age, the Oracle had anointed dozens of heroic saviors to protect islands of civilization from the predations of bloodthirsty warlords and nihilistic necromancers.

It was perhaps inevitable that the more astute servitors of Chaos would ascertain the Oracle's role as an Agent of Law and Weaver of Destiny. Many a dark priest or sorcerer had recruited henchmen to plunge into the depths of Koronus so that the mighty Serpent could be slain. But how do you fight a creature that can see into the future and of this world with perfect certainty? On every occasion, the champions of evil found themselves facing heroes with just enough knowledge of their plans to stop them cold before they entered the presence of the oracle.

The answer was a weapon from another world. The Spear of Longinus, also known as the Spear of Destiny, sat anonymously in a private collector's basement when the town a Point Sterling was swept out of its own world by a gigantic Banestorm and deposited in the hills above the Greenshadow Forest.

Infused with the magical energies of Otus, the somnolent spirit of the Spear woke to its true purpose. The reclusive old medievalist sold off his collection to those desperate for weapons in world where bullets were a rapidly dwindling resource. From buyer to buyer, smuggler to revolutionary, and brigand to marauder, the Spear finally found it its way into the hands of Sklent the Unrelenting, an unusually large and intelligent kobold warrior looking to make a name for himself in the service Chaos. After the spearhead passed without notice through countless unsuspecting hands, it deliberately revealed itself to the promising killer and guided him to the Serpent's lair, past monster and questing hero alike. The Ophidian Oracle never saw it coming.


The Spear of Destiny is an artifact of terrible potency with many undiscovered powers. At the very least, the weapon is completely obfuscated from scrying and divination, passing this protection on to its wielder and allied companions. It is also capable of mortally injuring anyone and anything.


Guy Hoyle said...

The S of D is a very popular artifact. In DC Comics, Hitler used it to bring magically-oriented-and-vulnerable heroes under his control which is why the Justice Society didn't end the war in anout an hour.

Trey said...

Cool. I like the cross-world Spear. Good use of the Otus pic, too.

Risus Monkey said...

@Guy: Indeed, the Spear has shown up many times in various adventure/fantasy stories and games. I loved S. John's take on it back in Gurps Warehouse 23, for example.

@Trey: Thanks. Strange how this picture came to be about the spear rather than the kobold.