Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sidemorph #3: An Experiment in Hatching

I've been floored by the quality of the sidemorphs being produced by Stonewerks, Dyson, and Matt Jackson at lapsus calumni. These guys are absolutely on fire.

So I decided to give hatching a try. On paper, with the right kind of pen, I've managed to produce some tiles that I'm really proud of. Alas, completing the following tile with my drawing tablet doesn't look quite as good (and it was a pain in my wrist to boot). Oh well, it's a start. I suspect that I'll be evolving my own technique as a complete more of these. It may be that I just end up switching to scanned hand-drawn maps.

Anyway, for this tile I went back to White Plume Mountain. You really do get to add more details on these sidemorphs and for this one I added a gargoyle, some kind of altar, a pile of gold under a lantern, and a drainage valve at the bottom of the lake of hot something.

By the way, I also experimented with a higher resolution on this tile. I'm not sure it really added anything this time.


Tim Shorts said...

Love the sidemorph!

shaneknysh said...

Looks great!

What app do you use with your graphics tablet? I just picked up my first tablet but I am struggling to produce anythingI want to publish. I have tried Pixelmatr, SketchBook Express (and Pro), Intalgio and Inkscape.

Stuart said...

These remind me of things I used to draw when I was a kid! :)

I've had a Wacom tablet for a long while, but never got into using it enough to develop any real skill with it.

m.s. jackson said...

Looks great! I love the valve, great idea. I am glad to see the inclusion of the infamous chains!
Very cool man, I like this one.

Risus Monkey said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I think I was being overly critical of myself last night when I was posting. In the morning, it doesn't look bad at all. :)

@shaneknysh: I'm embarrased to say that I've been using Corel painter (which came with my Wacom tablet). I'm not particularly happy with it due to the frequent crashes, but I haven't expended the energy to find something better. It seems to do the trick.

@Stuart: I bought mine over a year ago specifically to draw maps. My skills have definitely improved, though I'm only scratching the surface of what's possible.