Thursday, May 19, 2011

Risus Monkey Goes Mobile

Another "spring cleaning" task that is on my list is a site redesign. That's not going to happen any time soon, but I did manage to enable the mobile template that some of my favorite bloggers have started using. If you are like me, you do a lot of blog reading from your iPhone or other mobile devices. The streamlined template definitely cuts out the clutter and makes navigating posts easier on a small screen.

Thanks to Jason at the Wasted Lands for the tip!

(And yes, I have more substantial posts in development. Work's been crazy and I've been unable to steal dedicated time for writing. So much for the hope of getting more time now that the wife is done with grad school...)


Tim Brannan said...

Yeah Jason pointed that out to me me too one night. I put a link to the mobile version on my page so if their browser does not automatically go to it then they can just click.

My mobile page is, yours would be similar.

Nero said...

Goin' Mobile? Are you a n air conditioned gypsy?

Funny I thought you be goin' postal.

Risus Monkey said...

@Tim: A link on the Main page is a good idea. Thanks.

@Nero: With my work life right now, postal isn't totally... ok, I'm not going there. :)