Sunday, May 01, 2011

May: Spring Cleaning and Alphabet Soup

May is here and I can finally kiss that A to Z Challenge good bye. I must say that it was a good run, though. Some of my posts surprised me and I think I really benefited from the externally-imposed structure. I really liked how it actually made me plan my posts in advance (though I did pull a few last minute switcheroos).

Thanks to everybody that stopped by and commented, especially those non-gamers who wandered in from the outside because of the challenge. Here is the final list of posts:

A is for Actors
B is for Borders
C is for Corners
D is for DungeonMorph Dice
E is for Empty Room Table
F is for Falkenstein
G is for Geomorphs
H is for Hobbit
I is for Immortals
J is for Just-In-Time Characters
K is for Kids
L is for Ledges
M is for Microdungeon
N is for Appendix N
O is for Otusworld
P is for Play By Post
Q is for Questing Dice
R is for Risus Companion
S is for Spatial Relationships
T is for Tribute
U is for Urban Tiles
V is for Voodoo
W is for WilderWords
X is for Xander Harris
Y is for Y: The Last Man
Z is for Z-Coordinate Geomorph

I have no grand theme in May. My main goal for the upcoming month is to do some "spring cleaning" and finally move some blog-related items off my "to do" list. I want to return to some of my old Mythic GME games, continue the Otusworld project, complete the Karst Chantry, draw more maps and geomorphs (of all types), and finally catch up on The Hobbit reread. In the real-world, I'd love to resolve my scheduling issues and resume my regular face-to-face gaming (and try out a few new games here and there).


Lowell Francis said...

Good stuff- impressed with your managing produce in quantity while maintaining your high quality of posts!seatr

thwaak said...

Thank you, Tim, for your fine efforts this last month. You have been inspiring for this ole' gamer.

BTW - When I am back in Detroit to visit family again, let's hook up for a game or two.


Risus Monkey said...

@Lowell: Thanks! It was quite a challenge, especially around Easter.

@thwaak: And thanks you too. :)

Btw, I'm actually living in Northern Virginia right now, but I will be making it up to Michigan a few times this summer to visit family and such. But I'm always up for a game if we can swing it. :)

Shichitenhakki said...

Hey, thanks for the alphabet idea, Tim. It is a good method to keep things going. I don't always use it, but it focusses the mind.

Risus Monkey said...

@Andrew: Constraints can be liberating... ;)