Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Greek Diner: Hints of a New Risus Release

With a name like Risus Monkey, I'd be a bit remiss if I didn't pass along interesting scoops regarding future releases for the system. Over at the Blue Room, S. John Ross let slip that he's working on a series of Greek-style fonts for an upcoming Cumberland worldbook. Given that the font family is called "Gelio" (Greek for laughter), you can bet that it will be a Risus worldbook. I have no idea if this will be a S. John authored work or something submitted by another author. Regardless, I'm very much looking forward to it.

The first font in the series, Gelio Greek Diner, is currently featured on the Cumberland "Free Stuff of the Moment" page.


The Happy Whisk said...

Groovy. Thanks.

Rob Lang said...

Cool! Will the worldbook be free?

Risus Monkey said...

@Whisk: Your welcome. :)

@Rob: My guess is no. Last year, S. John released writers guidelines and I think the intent was that they would be able to sell their work. But everything right now is speculation on my part.

Speaking of free, have you seen Old School Hack? (

m.s. jackson said...

Finally! I cannot wait to see what S. John comes up with, i think it has been years since we had a new release from him regarding Risus.