Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Geomorph Roundup

The geomorph phenomenon continues to pick up momentum with several new or overlooked participants:

Stuart of Strange Magic adds a nice tile in the style of Dyson Logos and Stonewerks. On a related note, he  made his old school hatching available for download as well.

Over at Planet Algol, Blair gives us nine "semi-compatible" cavern geomorphs. By semi-compatible, he means that not all exits are explicitly covered (just insert dead-ends as needed).

At The Seeking Wing, Glenn Jupp (the mastermind behind the gigantic geomorph megadungeon) contributes his own dungeon tile to the mix. More interestingly, he has begun a series of wilderness geomorphs in the style of Tony Dowler.

Coopdevil at Fighting Fantasist gets serious about some traditional "amateur-style" geomorphs (which are now starting to appear on Dave's Mapper).

Finally, the Roleplay-geek starts a series of awesome urban "citymorphs". I'm particular excited about these tiles, as I had been thinking about doing something similar for a while.


Kaptain Kobold said...

Well, that was weird. I followed the link to Coopdevil's blog, which I'd not seen before. I realised that I knew him of old from the 'Hordes of the Things' Yahoo Group. Then I browsed through it and discovered that he knows my brother (indeed my brother has commented on some of his posts.

Small world, eh? :)

Risus Monkey said...

That is awesome. :)

Dyson Logos said...


This is madness! These are GEOMORPHS!