Saturday, February 05, 2011

Geomorph #105

While watching my boys, mapping is one of the few ways that I can be creative. Writing is practically impossible when they keep interrupting my train of thought. Yet I seem to have very little difficulty mapping in their presence, perhaps because they seem to take an interest in what I do. Still, tonight's inspirational image proved to be a bit of challenge...

I wanted to do a tile based on the cover of the Dungeoneer's Survival Guide because if you look closely, there is some very interesting terrain. The human adventurer is climbing out of some kind of narrow ravine that contain at least two and possibly three cave exits/entrances. If he makes it over the edge, he'll find a cavern that widens out considerably.

I tried to capture these features to the best of my ability. The trick, of course, was doing the ravine and the three cave entrances. I think it is reasonably successful, though I still wonder if their would be a better way to convey the topography of the chasm.

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