Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Kringle In Time

I can't possibly let this Christmas season pass without mentioning S. John Ross' loving yet blasphemous tribute to all the Christmas traditions that we hold dear. That would be A Kringle In Time, an epic comedy adventure that holds its own next to other classic and not-so-classic epic adventures of a more serious bent. If you are a fan of Risus: The Anything RPG then you simply must run out and give it a look. This 84-page epic (for a 6-page rule system) shows Risus in all its zany glory. And if you can run the adventure, even better! I've attempted it twice with two different groups. The first time we ran through the opening chapters using students and staff at a Hogwarts-like magical boarding school. The second time I ran it for Professor Pope, Cthulhu's Librarian, and another friend with the premise that the characters were misfit gamers who  had nothing better to do on Christmas Eve than to play D&D in a run-down comic shop. That second game was a marathon session that covered everything in the module but for Baby Jesus and all the cannibalism.

If Risus is not your thing, the adventure is worth the price of admission just to read an amazingly funny and immensely playable holiday-themed adventure. While Risus would be my first choice, it would be a snap to adapt it to other game systems. The premise of the game doesn't require characters from any specific genre or setting. You just need to figure out to express the Seven Avatars of Sin, the Dark Spawn of Shub-Tannenbaum, Dread Cthistmas, and a certain red-nosed despot (among others). Not a difficult task with a light system. This is a comedy adventure, not rocket-science.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Head over here and amuse yourself with the product info page and samples of the groovy maps.

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