Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Katja's Rant (Forgotten Songs #19)

An unusual installment of Katja's diary in that it consists almost entirely of a rant. I'll let Professor Pope discuss the out-of-game subtext in his liner notes. For now, I view this as a transitionary session as the Outsiders' Aegis prepare to leave Harcomb and diverge wildly from their original purpose.

July 8th, 2000 (Waxing Gibbous)
It is late and despite my bath, I am wound up like a spring. I feel hurt, angry, and sad all at the same time. I miss Boaz and I miss Sunny's counsel.

As we made our way back to Harcomb, I had been very much looking forward to stopping in what I had come to regard as my new home. We had three goblin prisoners and information about possible threats to the area. Our captives were members of the Burning Drum clan, splitters from the more powerful Bloody Spear. While these pathetic rabble were of little threat to the good people of Harcomb, the news of the Bloody Spear was much more distressing. They were led by a human wizard named Quint-something... the same "Q" that sent those ogres to recover the plates we now possess. Given the news and our recent encounters with this clan, I suspected Lord Richard would welcome a sober assessment of the threat.

We made our way back as Kreed, Mumblypeg, and Bix took responsibility for individual captives. Mumblypeg kept his on a short leash and Bix seemed to to take great pleasure in tormenting his. But Kreed seemed to be establishing some kind of rapport with his goblin, using his orcish language. It was Kreed (and Orion) who extracted the useful information about the Blood Spear. The interrogation also helped us loot the campsite of a small amount of money while avoiding the numerous traps.

At camp last night, after sacrificing the leader's ear to the Silver Huntress and spending some time learning about other religions from Orion, I went to bed. In the middle of the night, I was awakened to the news that Bix's goblin had escaped. We spent some time in a futile attempt hunt him down. Then I went back to bed very annoyed.

So I woke this morning with my mood tempered by vague worries of the missing goblin. But I still was looking forward to riding into Harcomb and enjoying a meal and a bath at the Last Bastion. I was even hoping to catch up with Dolb for a while.

Feeling that our news of the threat justified the immediate attention of Lord Richard, we made our way to him first. We transferred ownership of the goblin prisoners to one of Richard's men (I was relieved that we would not have to administer justice ourselves to the miserable little creatures). We were led into Lord Richard's chambers and I immediately became aware of Lord Richard's overwhelming displeasure with us.

At first, I felt enormously guilty as Richard went on and on about how he thought we had an understanding that we would remain in Harcomb. I felt terrible as he explained his disgust with our "mercenary" ways. I tried to smooth things over by delivering the news of the goblin threat. This only annoyed him even more, as he explained that he had a goblin threat and little means to fight it. I almost broke down in tears right there. I just cast my eyes down and sulked back to the Last Bastion with my companions.

Even Herr Delorean was disappointed in us.

But after sulking for an hour and discussing ways that we could honorably break our commitment to Sir Karshorn, I began to feel to angry at our reception. Nobody was considering the circumstances of our employment with Sir Karshorn. We had no knowledge of Lord Richard's enmity to his relative. We had just suffered the loss of our beloved Boaz and needed to seek experience elsewhere before we could hope to defeat the trolls that slew him. And we were dirt poor. The offer of 2,000gp was one that we just could not pass up at that time. Yes, I feel a bit guilty that we were swayed by money. But it was more than that. What would we have done here in Harcomb had we turned the job down? We had no other way to find resources to improve our chances at reaching the Oghma temple!

And what would Lord Richard think of us if we broke our commitment to Sir Karshorn? We'd be proven dishonorable and would have also angered a very powerful noble who would no doubt cause all sorts of trouble for Harcomb.

I took my leave of the Outsiders' to confide in Dolb. He also felt disappointed in us, but I feel like I was able to make him see our side of the problem. It felt good to have someone in Harcomb who didn't wish ill of us. I just hope he can convince the others that we were just trying to do the right thing.

Yes, I'm still wound up. But one bright spot in this whole mess is that we have a new and interesting companion in Mumblypeg. Over the last few days, I have learned that he his from Leinster and was once trained to be a wizard. But he had some falling out with his former master and left to adventure. On his adventures, he actually slew a troll! But then he fell victim the same type of life-draining attack of the undead that Bix did at the hands of the Bastard Thomas Dunn. Now, Herr Mumblypeg is still trying to recover from that wound, though his bright disposition hardly shows it. I do hope he continues to travel with us. I think I will ask the others if we should invite him into the Aegis.

Tomorrow, we will make every effort to leave this town before anybody else can get a chance to chastise us. But we still have some goods that need to be picked up.... first among them is my new armor. I hope it is ready.

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