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Ebon Knight #1 (p. 14)

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Close up of the blond man who led the gangsters picking up Sylvia in Ebon Knight's flashback. His tough-guy features are straining not to show the terror that he feels.

VOICE (off panel):  The Baxandall Building, Maggot. 

MAGNUS THE GANGSTER (quietly): Magnus.

Same as the previous panel, but Magnus the gangster's eyes are wider with fear. There is a spatter of blood on his face.

VOICE (off panel): What was that, Maggot?

MAGNUS: eugh

View of Fat Tony in all his enormous power as he stakes a bloody woman tied to a chair. Blood splatters on Magnus and his companions.

Not much can be seen of the woman in the chair, other than she has brown hair and very fair (if bloody) skin.

Magnus' red-headed companion is almost hiding behind Magnus, though he does seem to be mildly excited by the proceedings. The alien-looking mutant with the big forehead is obviously concentrating intently, the strain of which is visible on his enormous brow.

Close-up of an even bloodier Magnus and his companions from the flashback can be seen behind him. Magnus is still distressed and the red-head is looking to Magnus expectantly. The alien mutant slumps over as if some great strain has been lifted from him.

MAGNUS (through gritted teeth): Nothing sir. The Baxandall Building it is. Will this be guns blazing then?

View of Fat Tony tossing aside a bloody mallet as he looks down on the seemingly lifeless woman in front of him. From this angle, her fangs can clearly be seen. She's still a bloody mess and it is not apparent that she resembles a young Lena Olin (not yet anyway).

FAT TONY: Yes, Maggot. Guns blazing. I need that bloody device and I'll be damned if I'm going to let my enemy have it. And for God's sake, make sure you take the big-headed brain buster with you. If he can hold back an elder vampire then Ferrazzo's boys don't stand a chance. But give him some orange juice or something. He looks like's he just gave blood. 

View of an angry Fat Tony lashing out at Magnus and his boys as they cower under his verbal assault.

FAT TONY: But don't for a moment think that you're off the hook with that you're off the hook for getting me to trust Sylvia. She played us like fools. She played me like a fool and I'll never forget that it was all your fault, Maggot.

Close up of the apparently lifeless woman in the chair, her eyes wide with a mix of fear and hate and possibly determination.

Just visible is the big-headed mutant gangster gesturing at the bloody woman as he recovers.

ALIEN-MUTANT GUY: And the vampire, Ursula? What are you going to do with her? And how did you suspect that she was in cahoots with Sylvia?

View of a rueful Fat Tony, in all his unpleasantly obese glory. He pulls forth a silver crucifix from under his sweat and blood-soaked shirt.

FAT TONY: At confession, Father Sacratini noticed something odd in the way I was mooning about Sylvia and her lovely new friend. He gave me this and the next time Urusla tried to put the whammy on me, I saw right through it. 

Close-up of Ursula's face, he eyes betraying a hint of terror.

FAT TONY: As for Ursula... I think it's time that she gets a little sun. I like my women with a nice, healthy tan.


NOTES (Mythic conventions detailed here)


1. Thug 1
2. Mugsy
3. Sylvia Franco
4. Mr. Ferrazzo
5. Lead Thug from Flashback
6. Red-headed Thug from Flashback
7. Alien/mutant thug from flashback
8. The Frog Creature
9. Fat Tony
10. 2 Remaining Gangsters that raided the warehouse

1. Discover what's in the box and properly dispose of it
2. Put a stop to Mr. Ferrazzo's criminal activities
3. Resolve the circumstances of the first scene (why Angus and Sylvia would end up fighting in the alley).
4. Meeting at Silver Moon Airships (Flashback)
5. Cleanse the Old Cellar Under the Warehouse (perhaps)

STATUS OF SYLVIA: Most likely healed when the worm-demon fused with her, then again I'm not 100% sure. She may have been injured yet again when it was ripped off her body. 

EXPECTED SCENE: The thugs from the flashback scene are dressed down by Fat Tony for their misplaced trust in Sylvia when her treachery is uncovered. [THIS IS SUGGESTED by the "Adjourn Advices" Random Event at the end of the previous scene]

(Scene occurs as expected)

In the last panel we saw a gangster impaled by a spear. In this panel we'll begin with a different set of gangsters in a similar state of discomfort.

Q: Is it just the lead gangster (the blond guy from the flashback) [50/50]? Yes.

Q: Is he suffering physical discomfort [Unlikely]? No.

CQ: How does Fat Tony lead the conversation [Mythic Event Meaning]? "Move Adversities". I'm going to say he's moving this fella to somewhere really unpleasant. The first thing that comes to mind... someplace in enemy territory. Practically a suicide mission. Actually, an active mission to recover the device sounds about right.

CQ: What's this guy's name [Everyone Everywhere: Polish]? Magnus (last name not important right now).

CQ: Name for where he's being sent (gotta be a neighborhood or building) [Wikipedia]? Baxandall.

Q: Is it a building [50/50]? Yes. 

RANDOM EVENT: NPC Negative "Struggle (with) Wishes". As for who... I rolled d12 with the idea that anything over 10 would be a new NPC, one that I knew to be in the setting from previous games or blog posts. As it turns out, I rolled a 12 and randomly selected Ursula Romanov (a vampire NPC from the original Silverlode game). More on this in subsequent panels.

Continue from Panel 1

Switch to a view of Fat Tony staking Ursula in gout of blood. I'm assuming that he's conducting some kind of interrogation or perhaps merely administering punishment.

Q: Ursula is a powerful vampire so clearly, Fat Tony needed more than gangster muscle to capture her and stake her. Is Fat Tony himself an elder vampire [Unlikely]? No
Q: Is he meta-human (at least super-strong and tough) [Somewhat Likely]? No (barely... he's probably very strong but not superhumanly so).
Q: Is he backed up by obvious supernatural assistance [50/50]? Yes.

RANDOM EVENT: NPC Positive (Alien Mutant Thug From Flashback) "Release Illusions". I'll interpret this as the Ferengi-looking guy being the supernatural assistance in question, specifically with some very powerful mental illusions to keep the vampire pacified (and perhaps other tricks).

Magnus agrees to go to the Baxandall Building and asks if it will be a frontal assault. The mutant almost collapses from fatigue now that he is no longer holding the vampire at bay.

Q: Does Fat Tony agree that it will be a frontal assault [Likely]? Yes.

The device must be important. The Baxandall Building inspires enough fear that it surely must be Ferrazzo Headquarters (or something similarly important). Fat Tony will stop at nothing to get the device (which we still don't know anything about). 

Fat Tony needs to get around to Sylvia's betrayal. I'm assuming that Fat Tony learned of Sylvia's double-dealing while interrogating the vampire. The details don't all have to come out here.

Q: Does Fat Tony refer to the device as "the device" [50/50]? Yes.

Q: Any comments about the usefulness of the mutant in taking out an elder vampire [50/50]? Yes.

NOTE: Ursula is just immobile, as the character was based on the White Wolf take on Vampires. 

Q: Does he name the mutant [50/50]? No.

RANDOM EVENT: NPC Action (Thug 1) "Guide Wounds". Not being present in this scene, I'll delay this event to the start of the next scene.

CQ: How does Fat Tony address the Sylvia issue [Mythic Event Meaning]? "Decrease Liberty". By putting Magnus and his boys on notice.

Q: Does Fat Tony refer to Sylvia by first name [Unlikely]? Extreme yes. 

Q: Do we take another panel (or two) to explain the link between Ursula and Sylvia [50/50]? Yes.

NOTE: It is apparent that Fat Tony doesn't suspect that Sylvia's actually going to hijack the device from Ferrazzo. More on this may come out later...

The alien mutant guy asks Fat Tony about Ursula.

Q: Does he use Ursula's name [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Does he imply that Fat Tony called for the interrogation [50/50]? Yes.

Final panels of the page, with Fat Tony giving the reason for suspicion.

Q: A holy relic cut through the attempt at domination [50/50]? yes.
CQ: Name of Catholic Priest [Everyone Everywhere]? Sacratini.

Q: Is Tony going to put her out in the sun [50/50]? Yes.

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