Monday, August 16, 2010

Sylvia Franco Revisted

Sylvia Franco is an NPC who originated in either season two of my long-running Buffy: The Vampire Slayer RPG series or the planning stages of my first Risus mini-campaign, Silverlode 1908. I no longer remember where she appeared first, only that I liked her enough to start using her in other games. This continued a tradition of mine of using characters across campaigns and in a variety of systems.  
Since the superhero setting that I'm working on follows directly from Silverlode 1908, it seems only natural that I use Sylvia again. In my current Mythic GME game, I put her on the list of possible characters and sure enough, a roll of the dice put her into the action right away. Her Risus stats (updated for 30 years of down-time) and ICONS stats are presented below. 

Description: Tall, dark, and incredibly beautiful Benandanti agent. Outfitted in chic European expedition-ware, she searches ancient sites for Antediluvian artifacts to secure them for her order. She is ruthless and seemingly amoral and, truth be told, a bit of a loose canon. She is also a werewolf and as such must constantly struggle against her animalistic urges.

Clichés: Gorgeous Pulp Archaeologist (4), Werewolf (3d10), Benandanti Witch [2].

Hook: Her werewolf nature is difficult to suppress in the three nights of the full moon. It's normally a TN5 roll against her Benandanti Witch cliché to refrain from involuntary change and animalistic behavior. In times of stress, this can rise to TN10 or TN15. She must also roll to retain control even when voluntarily changing outside the full-moon cycle.

Languages: Italian, Latin, French, English, and certainly others (use her Pulp Archaeologist cliché to see if she knows obscure languages as she encounters them).

Equipment: Winchester rifle and poison dart pistol, Benandanti herbs (fennel stalks, garlic, etc) and an iron whip (traditional Benandanti werewolf weapon, usually carried in her luggage). Has access to various occult libraries and even brings her own books when staying in a single location for some time.

Lore: All manner of poisons (lethal and otherwise), antidotes, healing balms, and consciousness-expanding astral-projection/dream-travel elixirs. May know other spells as required by the story.

Tale: Sylvia was born in a small town in Italy with an amniotic sack (caul) over her face, marking her for membership in the Benandanti. Unlike her brothers and sisters of the order, Sylvia was "blessed" with both the typically Benandanti gifts of Second Sight and Dreaming as well as blood of the Werewolf. Identified before her first change, she was disciplined to subdue her bestial nature. She quickly demonstrated her talent for languages and learning and was thus made a special operative of the order, charged with tracking down artifacts from the First Creation and fighting the evil ones who hoped to benefit from such items. Despite her discipline, however, Sylvia has always been a bit of a loose canon and her superiors worry that her hold on her darker nature is tenuous at best.

Continuity: Appears in Ebon Knight #1.

Gorgeous Pulp Archaeologist: A 19th century Lara Croft with experience in other realms of existence. Includes an occult library, though this is rarely carried with her.

Werewolf: Changing between wolf, human, and hybrid forms. Being strong, fast, and tough; soaking most forms of damage other than silver and supernatural attacks; recovering from injuries quickly; fighting with tooth and claw.

Benandanti Witch: Includes "second sight", dream-walking, astral projection, and working herb magic.


Prowess 4 [Good]
Coordination 4 [Good]
Strength 3 [Average]/7* [Incredible]
Intellect 5 [Excellent]
Awareness 5 [Excellent]
Willpower 5 [Excellent]
Stamina 8/12*, Determination 1
Powers: Claws 5*, Detection 2 (Spirit), Invulnerability 5*, Regeneration 5, Wizardry 3 (Magic: Astral Projection & Dimensional Travel) 
Specialties: Languages [Master], Occultism [Expert]

* Wolf or Wolfman Form only
  • Identity: Gorgeous Pulp Archaeologist (can be tagged for access to firearms, whips, or machetes).
  • Identity: Werewolf (can shift to wolf, humanoid, or wolfman forms)      
  • Benandanti Witch: Access to Benandanti lore, organization, and gear (like iron whip).  Can be tagged to include poison dart gun stunt.Motivation: Retrieve antediluvian artifacts
  • Limited Powers: Many of her powers are restricted to her werewolf forms (there is little functional difference between the forms).
  • Involuntary Change: Difficult to resist changing during full moon or when she is angry. In those times, she is likely to go berserk.
  • Vulnerability: Silver
  • Social: Reputation as a loose canon

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