Sunday, August 08, 2010


Another villain generated with ICONS and converted to Risus...

STRATOSFEAR (formerly Howard Parsons)
Description: An emaciated man with unkempt dish-water blond hair and grayish-blue skin. His eyes are solid black orbs and his only costume is a home-made "space suit" (blue-gray flight-suit). Refers to Howard Parsons (his former self) in the third person.
Cliches: Fungi From Space (6), Radioactive Alien Zombie (5), Former Rocket Scientist (5)
Hook: Uncontrollably Emits Radioactive Spores.
Tale: Howard Parsons was a brilliant rocket scientist whose ideas weren't ready for narrow-minded military planners. Rather than watch his ideas languish, he took it upon himself to build and test his own experimental rocket. On his first flight, he exulted as he blasted beyond the atmosphere... only to catch a glimpse of a horrifying spaceship just before blacking out. Waking in a desert crater with nightmarish memories of close encounters with malevolent fungal creatures, the being that was Howard Parsons found himself consumed with an insatiable urge to prepare the earth for colonization by superior beings. Radiating radioactive spores that corrupt earth-life, he'd be a constant menace if only he didn't spend so much of his time searching in space for his uncaring patrons. After his first battle with costumed heroes, the press dubbed him Stratosfear.
Fungi From Space: Being tough and strong; having an iron will; flying at super-sonic speeds; surviving in space.
Radioactive Alien Zombie: Emitting infectious alien radiation; having an inscrutable alien mind (resisting mind probes/attacks); fighting.
Former Rocket Scientist: Being smart, knowing about science, mastering alien technology.

Prowess 4 [Good]
Coordination 5 [Great]
Strength 6 [Extraordinary]
Intellect 5 [Great]
Awareness 5 [Great]
Willpower 6 [Extraordinary]
Stamina 12
Powers: Life Support 4, Flight 7, Mind Shield 4, Affliction 4.
Specialties: Science [Expert]

• Identity: Fungi from Space
• Radioactive Spawn: Anyone "killed" by Affliction becomes a space zombie like himself
• Motivation: Serve the Alien Masters

• Personal: Retains elements of former personality (occasionally listen to reason)
• Social: Uncaring alien masters

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