Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Retro Super-Cycle

I'm back from vacation and was planning on resuming regular posting this evening. This retro-futuristic "Tron-like" motorcycle from the io9 has made me jump the gun a bit. I've been on quite a super-hero kick lately, and this baby seems like the perfect ride for some Golden Age urban avenger. 

The similarity to the Tron light-cycle is a bit of a stretch, but it wouldn't be hard to reinforce the resemblance by changing the design slightly. But even used as-is, the bike is pretty darn cool.


Carpe Guitarrem said...

WHOA. It definitely looks like the Batpod a bit.

Scott said...

Haha, I thought this was going to be about a cycle of similar posts/genre exercises/hiveminding in the blog community such as seems to happen occasionally.

m.s. jackson said...

I saw this the other day on io9.com and almost posted on my blog about it! Darn you, always one step ahead of me. You are right though, it is the perfect ride for some golden age caped avenger!