Monday, August 30, 2010

Geomorph #82

Today's geomorph is inspired by a family outing to Perils of the Lost Jungle mini golf. Talk about a sweet time! The whole course has this campy 1930's era adventure theme with a classic pulp hazard at every hole. My boys loved every minute of it, even though they did run rather quickly through the vampire bat cave and did everything they could to avoid the creepy animatronic witch-doctor.

Anyway, I thought it might be cool to feature something similar in a dungeon. The northern entrances to this tile both connect to the southern exits by a chain of 9 or 18 rooms (which are presumably stocked with some low-grade and atmospheric hazard). There are even 10x10 rooms at all four entrances to the "course" for guards or equipment storage.

Posted from my iPhone so I apologize if this doesn't format properly.


Christian said...

Sometimes I have a dream where I am in a house or restaurant that is massive in that there endless rooms all connected to one another without rhyme or reason. There are no windows, just doors to bedrooms, closets, kitchens, living rooms and so on without end. It's like being in a crazy maze assembled from the rooms from 1,000 different buildings.

Your map reminds me of that. Very cool stuff.

gamer-geek said...

Perils of the Lost Jungle is a fun course - watch for spitting frogs!
I like the map tile - oddly it also makes me think of the series of trap rooms in the (shudder) D&D movie. But much better!

Risus Monkey said...

@Christian: I'm trying to imagine myself dungeon crawling through this tile, especially along the 18-room path. Would I get discouraged and back out? I dunno, but the stream of rooms is in itself a kind of challenge.

@gamer-geek: yeah, my wife got blasted by the spitting frogs... and the "volcano" on the last hole. :)