Friday, August 27, 2010

Geomorph #81

I still hope to start a series of urban geomorphs at some point but I keep waffling on which approach to use. In the meantime, here's another geomorph from the underground city that I mentioned in Geomorph #77 (compatible with my current set).


Glenn said...

Hmm. You've going with the Lankhmar/Dyson Logos style tiles so far. Maybe try your hand at a Tony Dowler-ish tile?

Risus Monkey said...

I love Tony's Dowler's style but I'm not sure if I have the artistic chops to pull it off. I'll experiment with it and see if if I wind up with anything post-worthy.

Glenn said...

Tony is intimidatingly good, isn't he? Well, I'm intimidated.

But I really ought not be asking you do something I'm not prepared to. So I'll just walk away from the computer now, get some paper and pencil, and start scribbling.