Monday, August 16, 2010

Ebon Knight #1 (p. 6)

Previous Scene: Page 5

Ebon Knight and the Wolf Creature face off against each other while Thug #1 races off into the night.

SOUND EFFECT: (brrrmmmm)

Suddenly Ebon Knight slashes across the Wolf Creature's throat. It tumbles back in a spray of blood.

EBON KNIGHT: Beast! They have the device!

PANEL 3 (left)
Ebon Knight removes his helmet in shock and anguish, his eyes wide with recognition.

PANEL 4 (right)
A naked and bloody Sylvia Franco lays in the snow. The wound in her side has already healed but there is a nasty gash across her throat. 

EBON KNIGHT (accross both panels): Damn, woman...

NOTES (Mythic conventions detailed here)


1. Thug 1
2. Mugsy
3. Sylvia Franco
4. Other

1. Discover what's in the box and properly dispose of it

EXPECTED SCENE: Sylvia bounds off towards the motorcycle while Ebon Knight is left to interrogate Thug #1.

Q: Does Sylvia try to finnish her fight with Ebon Knight [Very Unlikely]? Yes (perhaps thinking Ebon Knight is involved). This will likely give the other thug a chance to run.

Q: Does Ebon Knight react first [Unlikely]? Yes.

PANELS 1 & 2
Ebon recovers first and takes the opportunity to make a slashing cut at Sylvia's neck. It's his prowess (6+2) vs. Sylvia's Dodge (4). It's a massive success and a potentially lethal blow. Sylvia doesn't take any Stamina damage but 

NOTE: Again, I'd consider adding more uses of Determination from FATE to grant a chance to do more damage. Sylvia is rendered unconscious and will begin losing Stamina each page. She'll also revert to human form.

Sylvia reverts to human form. 

Q: Is Ebon Knight surprised by what he sees [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Does he recognize Sylvia [Unlikely]? Extreme yes.
CQ: How does he know her [Mythic Event Meaning]? "Passion Burden". I'll interpret this as a romantic encounter between the two. Clearly, Angus/Ebon Knight didn't know that Sylvia was a werewolf. Sylvia may or may not know that Angus was Ebon Knight. If not, she may not have recognized him through the armor. Otherwise, she may have have suspected his involvement in the heist from the get-go. 

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