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Ebon Knight #1 (p. 11)

Previous Scene: Page 10

Four large gangsters come charging into the room with Tommy guns blasting. Thug #1 (from the first pages of the issue) remains at the doorway looking smug.

Ebon Knight dives to shield Sylvia from the gunfire. He fails to protect her, however, as she takes a couple of bullets in her arm and leg.

The Frog Creature is jumping out of frame and is only partially visible.

View from above as the Frog Creature is perched on a stack of crates. He is throwing his spear down towards the gangsters.

Below, Ebon knight can now be seen protecting Sylvia from the gunfire as bullets ricochet off his armor.

SOUND EFFECT: ratatatat
SOUND EFFECT: pling pling
The lead gangster takes a spear in his shoulder and spins under the impact. Off balance, his Tommy gun sprays a burst of bullets towards the ceiling.


View of the Frog Creature's eyes going wide as he sees bullets sever the ropes holding a large stone artifact. The artifact looks like a cross between an totem pole and Greek column. It starts to topple downward.
The stone artifact hits the floor between Ebon Knight and the gangsters and keeps going. Ebon Knight (holding Sylvia) tries to escape but the ground is giving out under him.

Ebon Knight and Sylvia crash into a rubble-filled room. Dust and falling debris obscure the contents.

SOUND EFFECTS: (lots of sounds signifying falling debris) 

NOTES (Mythic conventions detailed here)


1. Thug 1
2. Mugsy
3. Sylvia Franco
4. Mr. Ferrazzo
5. Lead Thug from Flashback
6. Red-headed Thug from Flashback
7. Alien/mutant thug from flashback
8. The Frog Creature
9. Fat Tony

1. Discover what's in the box and properly dispose of it
2. Put a stop to Mr. Ferrazzo's criminal activities
3. Resolve the circumstances of the first scene (why Angus and Sylvia would end up fighting in the alley).
4. Meeting at Silver Moon Airships (Flashback)

EXPECTED SCENE: Fat Tony's thugs arrive on the scene and a fight ensues. I expect that the thugs are the three that were encountered in the Flashback.

ALTERED SCENE: The flashback thugs do not appear (and will presumably appear later). 

Q: Do at least three stereotypical thugs show up expecting to encounter Mugsy and his partner [50/50]? Yes. A pretty good roll, so I'll make it four thugs (standard ICONS stats). At this point, it doesn't matter if they were coming to help Mugsy and his partner or ambush them.

Q: Are the thugs armed with Tommy guns [50/50]? Yes. 

RANDOM EVENT: NPC Action (Thug 1) "Gratify Tension". Ok, Thug #1 clearly had help nearby and brought it back with him to the scene of the crime.

Q: Does Thug #1 hang back as the muscle takes care of things [50/50]? Yes. And I'll increase the muscle's strength scores by 1.

ICONS: We have a combat. The four Thugs are described on p. 118 of Icons but have STR of 4. To distinguish them from Thug #1, we'll call them GANGSTERS. 

Q: Do all four gangsters target Ebon Knight, Frog Creature, and Sylvia with an area-of-effect blast [50/50]? Yes, I'll combine their effects as well.

Ebon Knight will choose an Interpose maneuver to shield the presumably vulnerable Sylvia from gunfire. He fails to do so and loses his attack as a result.

Q: Does the Frog Creature have at least Coordination 3 [Likely]? Yes (could be higher). And I'll rule that he definitely has the Jumping power.

NOTE: I'm going to roll dice for actions that don't involve Ebon Knight, just to get some uncertainty in the results.

The Gangsters have a Coordination of 2. They miss as the Frog Creature jumps to cover.

Against Sylvia, they all hit with a major success (adding two to their attack for Sylvia being unaware and immobile). Given that they are spreading their fire, their base damage is 3. Accounting for the fact that they are combining their attack, they do 6 points of damage. 

The result is that Sylvia's dying again and will start losing Strength this turn.

Against Ebon Knight, the Gangsters miss (Ebon Knight rolled really well).

It's the Frog Creature's move. 

Q: Does he throw his spear from above [Unlikely given that it is his only weapon]? Yes, he chooses the lead Gangster.

ICONS: Randomly determine Frog Creature's Coordination (minimum 3): 4! 
Q: Does he have a Spear specialty [Likely]? Yes (Random Event - see below)

Rolling his Coordination (4+1 for specialty) vs the Gangster (2) yields a massive success with a killing weapon. The thug made his strength check and as a result is *only* unconscious.

I'll assume that Ebon Knight is now taking fire (color only, as it's not his or Sylvia's or the heavies' panels).

RANDOM EVENT: Move Away from Thread (Properly Dispose of the Device), "Betray Path". This is tricky, because there are few ways to move away from this thread. One thing that comes to mind is to bring in additional complications here in the warehouse. "Betray Path" makes me think that the ground that Ebon Knight is on is unstable...or could collapse! 

(working out the consequences of the random event)
A heavy goes does and his Tommy guns shoots in the air.

(working out the consequences of the random event)
The Frog Creature sees the stray bullets sever the ropes holding some heavy items suspended from the ceiling. 

CQ: What is suspended [Wikipedia]? 143rd meridian...something Alaskan (but something that would be in a Blue Horizon's warehouse)? A totem pole? Not exactly appropriate to the local Native societies, but it doesn't have to be Pacific Northwest in character.

(working out the consequences of the random event)
The artifact his the floor.

(working out the consequences of the random event)
Sylvia (who's gotta be close to death's door) and Ebon Knight are now in a subterranean room. The dtails will be revealed in the next panel.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I really like what you've been doing with Mythic's GM Emulator. I started reading your blog when you were in the middle of the "sanctuary" game (so sad that you haven't continued it), and I love what you've been doing with Ebon Knight.

This series actually inspired me to resurrect a street level hero character that I had created for Cartoon Action Hour called Stuntman, and try an adventure with GME. I didn't have nearly the success that you are having.

Have you heard about World vs. Hero? I don't know much about it, but there's an Actual Play thread over on ( that combines it with GME for some rather spectacular results.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your GME experience, and please keep up the good work.

Risus Monkey said...

Thanks! It's always nice to know that folks are enjoying these play reports. I love Mythic but they only seem truly "real" when I commit to posting them for others to see.

I do own World vs. Hero and have been following the author's blog since before the game was released. I haven't actually tried it, yet, mostly because I I'm not sure if it has clicked with me. But I'd love to give it a go at some point.

I do hope to return to "Beyond Sanctuary", by the way. My gamer ADD has be in Supers mode right now and I'm sure I'll come back to fantasy soon. :)