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Ebon Knight #1 (p. 10)

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Shot of Sylvia bleeding out on the snow with the open doorway to the warehouse just visible.

EBON KNIGHT (not shown): Think, Angus!

Angus is rushing Sylvia into the Warehouse, her blood dripping onto the alley snow.

EBON KNIGHT: Don't die on me, girl!

Sylvia's prone form is barely visible as Ebon Knight is tearing through various crates and boxes.

EBON KNIGHT: Gotta have something I can use for bandages.

Ebon Knight is running back to Sylvia with a handful of blankets. He's startled to see a frog-like creature dressed in furs kneeling down over Sylvia and applying some kind of poultice to her neck.  

EBON KNIGHT: What the hell are you?

FROG CREATURE: I'm your best hope of keeping the She Wolf alive. Hurry on over with those blankets. This poultice should accelerate her natural healing powers.

Sylvia is now covered in blankets and wears a blood-soaked neck bandage. The Frog Creature (carrying a short spear in one hand) and Ebon Knight (still wearing his helmet to protect his identity) stare at each other across her body.

EBON KNIGHT: Look, I didn't know... that it... she was human. I didn't know it was her!

FROG CREATURE: Obviously. Sylvia insisted on conducting the ambush in wolf form. She was hoping to scare away the muscle without causing any more bloodshed. 

Close-up of Ebon Knight, head down and looking over Sylvia's falling form.

EBON KNIGHT: But she didn't expect an armored vigilante to charge in and bust up her operation.  

Overhead shot of Sylvia as the Frog Creature and Ebon Knight work to get her into her clothes.

FROG CREATURE: No, she didn't. I was supposed to be watching the perimeter, but you blew right past me on your motorcycle.

EBON KNIGHT: And I suspect that she didn't want to be recognized, either. Couldn't have Fat Tony learn she's stabbing him the back.

Close up of the Frog Creature, looking surprised and amused.

FROG CREATURE: You know about that? But yes, Sylvia wasn't about to squander the trust that she has cultivated with various criminal gangs these past few months.

View of Ebon Knight looking over Sylvia and the Frog Creature towards the door (which is not seen).

EBON KNIGHT: Speaking of criminal gangs... 

NOTES (Mythic conventions detailed here)


1. Thug 1
2. Mugsy
3. Sylvia Franco
4. Mr. Ferrazzo
5. Lead Thug from Flashback
6. Red-headed Thug from Flashback
7. Alien/mutant thug from flashback
8. Other

1. Discover what's in the box and properly dispose of it
2. Get medical help for Sylvia
3. Put a stop to Mr. Ferrazzo's criminal activities
4. Resolve the circumstances of the first scene (why Angus and Sylvia would end up fighting in the alley).
5. Meeting at Silver Moon Airships

EXPECTED SCENE: Another NPC ("Kill Status Quo") as the action returns to the present. I suspect that this individual will be encountered while Ebon Knight is trying to get medical attention for Sylvia. 

(The Scene occurs as expected)

ICONS: How is Sylvia doing? She'll start losing Strength this page(I'm not counting flashback pages). Of course, she's naked in the freezing cold and has a gaping wound in her neck. Things can't be good.

Angus considers his options. 

Q: Any obvious materials that can be used to bind Sylvia's wound [Very Unlikely]? Yes. It could be something in the pile of trash, but it could also be something in the warehouse. Ah, could be a first aid kit in the warehouse...

PANELS 2 & 3
Angus getting Sylvia out of the snow while he looks for a blanket and some bandages.

Q: Does the new NPC enter the warehouse carrying Sylvia's clothes [50/50... seemingly high chance but it feels right and the new NPC needs to be introduced]? Yes.

"Kill Status Quo" implies an anarchist, a revolutionary, or activist perhaps. 

CQ: Who is it [TV TROPES]? Fluble. Anthropomorphic frog with conspiracy theories? Weird. But not impossible to justify given Sylvia and Hinkley's adventures in the Lair of the Frog King.  

Q: Is it the Frog Princess from that story [Very Unlikely]? No. It will be a male frog, possibly the Frog Princess/Queen's son.

The frog creature performs first aid on Sylvia (perhaps assisted by a little shamanic magic) and replies to Angus.

ICONS: Sylvia will not lose any Strength this turn and she will stabilize.

Sylvia's now covered in blankets with a neck bandage.

Q: Does the Frog Creature volunteer any information  [50/50]? Extreme yes. Wow, that means he doesn't think Ebon Knight is a threat.

Q: Is he Sylvia's partner (at least in this endeavor) [50/50]? Extreme yes... perhaps a loyal companion. Note that Angus has never seen him before (which has implications for flashbacks). 

Q: Was he dealing with the mob lookouts when Sylvia ambushed Mugsy and his friend [Likely]? yes. And he probably came running as soon as Angus roared in on his motorcycle.

Conversation continues.

Conversation continues as Sylvia gets dressed.

CQ: Who is she nominally working for [Wikipedia]? Essex County Park System, New Jersey... I think of New Jersey and I think of mafia. Definitely a rival crime family. Getting another random mafia name from Wikipedia... "Fat Tony" Giacalone.

Continue the conversation (where the Frog admits that Sylvia has been infiltrating various gangs).

Q: Segue into criminals arriving in the warehouse? Extreme yes.

- How did Ebon Knight hear of the theft?
- What's the nature of the stolen "device"?
- Angus knows something of its nature... how?
- What's the next step in recovering the device?
- Does Sylvia have a car near by?
- Which mafia boss did those three thugs that appeared in the flashback work for? Fat Tony or Mr. Ferrazzo? Sylvia could be playing both sides.

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