Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bola Sue

Another character generated with ICONS and converted to Risus...
BOLA SUE ("Honey, I've got you by the balls!")
Description: In her mystery girl guise, Susan Saville appears as a scandalously clad pin-up girl with a domino mask and a belt full of bolas. She is often photographed by lucky newsmen while entangling boorish bad guys with her signature weapon.
Cliches: Enlightened Emissary of Shangri-La (4d10), Mistress of the Bolas (4d8), Famous Pin-up Girl (4), Mild-Mannered Travel Agent (2).
Hook: Pacifist (will not use lethal force against people).
Tools: Numerous compact bolas, readied for use.
Tale: Susan Seville's life changed forever when her tour group was almost obliterated in a Himalayan avalanche. With plucky determination and an almost preternatural eye for details, Susan was able to find safe passage for her group through a treacherous pass to the mountain paradise of Shangri-La. Recognizing her natural talent, the beatific inhabitants welcomed her into their utopian community and trained her in forgotten martial arts and esoteric disciplines. She would have continued to live among them but for troubling news from her homeland. Costumed villains were now wielding powerful Atlantean artifacts, threatening peace and heralding some unspoken future apocalypse. Susan was sent back into the world as an emissary, charged with using non-violent means to protect the innocent and advance the cause of peace.
Following the example of other costumed heroes, Susan returned to Silverlode wielding specially fabricated bolas to entangle her foes, rather than harm them. With her incredible personal story, stunning good looks, and scandalously immodest attire she was an instant media sensation. Using the platform that celebrity gave her to better fulfill her role as emissary, "Bola Sue" (as the press named her) tolerated the attention. It wasn't long, however, before she constructed another secret identity to travel about the city unmolested by the adoring public. In the guise of Maria Cortez, mild-mannered travel agent for Golden Path Travel, she can now quietly obtain distance from the superhero brouhaha and resume some semblance of her former life (for a few days a week, at least).  
Emlightened Emissary of Shangri-La: Observing the smallest of details; calmly reacting to dangerous situations; making intuitive leaps; practicing a cinematic form of non-lethal martial-arts; meditating; resisting mental domination; being fearless; having fierce determination; speaking obscure languages; radiating kindness and compassion.
Mistress of the Bolas: Entangling foes with her signature weapon.
Famous Pin-Up Artist: Being famous, being beautiful, being adored by millions.
Mild-Mannered Travel Agent: Being well-travelled; escaping notice; booking trips; steering people towards where they need to go.
Prowess 3 [Typical]
Coordination 7 [Incredible]
Strength 2 [Poor]
Intellect 5 [Great]
Awareness 9 [Inhuman]
Willpower 8 [Amazing]
Stamina 10, Determination 2
Powers: Binding Devices 4 (Bolas)
Specialties: Acrobatics, Athletics, Martial Arts [Master]
Catchphrase: "I've got you by the balls"
Connections: Police Detective Nick Vallan
Epithet: Mistress of the Bolas
Identity: Enlightened Emissary of Shangri-La
Identity: Travel Agent
Personal: Pacifist (no deadly force on people)
Devices: Limited number of bolas
Social: Hounded by the press


    Zachary The First said...
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    Zachary The First said...

    Whoops. I meant to say, "isn't that ICONS program fun? I've been having a blast with it!"

    Risus Monkey said...

    @Zachary: Yes, I'm also having a blast with it. I love how it has forced me into characters that I never would have imagined before.