Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Risus Lankhmar: Scene 4 (Part 2)

For an introduction to this collaborative Mythic Game Master Emulator adventure, see this post
Player Characters: NivekKelthas, and Hresstan.
Continuation of scene: Scene 4.

SCENE 4 (Posted by Risus Monkey)
Uncomfortable conversations and a disturbing encounter.

Nivek pauses to quaff some of the discarded wine. Smiling at the unexpected quality, he says to Hresstan, "Kelthas and I were charged with babysitting a young swell. When he failed to return from an assignation with her, " (he points to the wench) "we were naturally concerned. It was fortunate that you were tangling with L..." (raising his voice so that Lycinia is sure to hear) "...ahem... this beautiful and currently unknown patron of this fine establishment for it seems that she might know something about the whereabouts of our charge."
Q: Does Lycinia reveal the whereabout of Ilsbert [Unlikely]? No.
Q: Does she go into a "you've got nothing on me" kind of speech [50/50]? Yes but barely... she'll just deny involvement.
Q: Is she contemptuous of Hresstan, now that she is done with him [Somewhat Likely]? Yes... barely.
Lycinia stands a little taller and says, "I have no idea what you are talking about. I was merely ... getting a little harmless exercise. Why wouldn't I use my bodyguards to defend myself from ruffians invading my privacy..."
CQ: What about the guard on the top of the stairs? How does she explain him [Brewers]? The Terrible (as in Ivan The Terrible). Um... ruthless nobility... ah, she had an associate upstairs that shared her guards... a guest, perhaps. It's even possible that she does have an associate upstairs and he is related to this affair with Ilsbert.
Lycinia (continues): "...and that of guests under my protection."

With a knowing look to Kelthas, Nivek drops his empty wine goblet and dashes upstairs.
CQ: What is it like upstairs [wikipedia]? Diamond T Tank Transporter... interpreted as a short hallway lined with tapestries and other wall hangings (inspired by the canvas truck bed).
Q: Is the hall empty [somewhat likely]? Extreme yes. The entire upstairs is quiet.
At the top of the stair, Nivek finds a small hallway decorated with rugs from the Eastern Lands, tapestries from the Eight Cities, and even some exotic weavings from tropical Klesh. Everything is quiet. Similarly quiet, Nivek stalks across the room and advances through another gauzy curtain. He finds a much a larger room strewn with pillows, discarded hookahs, and a plethora of salacious statues. Only minutes earlier, this room must have been full of whores and their clientele.

Where did they go so quickly?
Q: Is there stairs [somewhat likely]? Extreme yes.
Q: Down only [50/50]? No.
Then he sees one of the many curtains move as if blown by breeze. Behind it, he catches a glimpse of a stair-well. He immediately races to investigate.
Q: Is he ambushed in the stairwell [Unlikely]? Yes.
Q: Another one of Lycinia's House Guard [Unlikely]? Extreme yes...
Q: Is he an interesting and special henchman [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Is he a Hulking Easterner [50/50]? No... and RANDOM EVENT (see below).
CQ: What is he like [TV Tropes]? A glass of chianti... Hannibal Lector?
RANDOM EVENT: NPC Action (the Wench), Dispute (with Allies)
RISUS/Q: Is a 13 on Street Fighter enough to avoid ambush [Likely]? Yes.
Passing through the curtain, Nivek hears a soft shuffling from above and quickly dives to the side of stairwell. Landing before him is a wiry man wearing only a pair of fine leather trousers and a menacing demon-faced mask, vaguely similar Lycinia's. His only weapon is a wickedly curved dagger that is already dripping with blood.

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