Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Risus Lankhmar: Scene 3 (Part 2)

For an introduction to this collaborative Mythic Game Master Emulator adventure, see this post
Player Characters: NivekKelthas, and Hresstan.
Continuation of scene: Scene 3 (and more directly from Scene 2).

SCENE 3 (Posted by Risus Monkey)
Wherein the companions battle the house guard of a disreputable noblewoman.

Looking to the ceiling and desperately hoping that Hresstan would cover himself, Nivek hears the distinct sound of Kelthas calling his name above the rising commotion.

Nivek: "Not precisely, Kelthas and I have been swindled and I'm guessing that she is an accessory to the crime. Hold her for a moment, will you."

Moving quickly back towards the common room, Nivek reaches over his back for his swords... and hesitates. Do I really want to draw blood here in the Silken Veil? No doubt there will be consequences...

"Oh bloody hell!"

Nivek reaches over his shoulder with his left hand and draws Hornet, a well-balanced weapon-blacked blade of Eastern manufacture. Rather than drawing its twin, Wasp, Nivek's right hand goes to his boot and withdraws a plain but deadly throwing knife. Stopping at the gauzy curtain and absently noting the sounds of Hresstan and the wench, he surveys the scene.
Q: Is Nivek immediately threatened by armed men [Somewhat Likely]? Yes.
Q: Is it Cytan, the Captain of Lycinia's House Guard [Somewhat Likely]? Yes... barely.
Briefly catching a glimpse of the hem of Kelthas' red cloak on the stair, Nivek's well-trained eyes identify what must be the members of Lycinia's House Guard as they rally around her immodest form. The oldest and obviously most capable of these has already advanced to within three paces of the curtain when Nivek lets loose with his dagger...

I'm going to regret this!
Risus: Nivek will roll vs. Second Story Swords to attempt to kill (likely wound) Cytan before he is able to get close enough to strike. He gets a 14. Cytan is close enough that if Nivek misses, he can lunge with his sword. Thus, he'll get roll vs. Elite House Guard Captain. Whew, he gets a 13.
Nivek's dagger quickly tumbles through the air towards the man's face. Even with his battle-tested reflexes, the elite guardsman barely gets under the attack in time. Slipping on a spilled drink, he goes to his knees as Nivek closes the ground between them while drawing his other sword.
Update (Cytan): House Guard Captain (4 3) .
Though momentarily disadvantaged, the captain of Lycinia's guard grabs an overturned chair with his left hand to help provide cover as he stands and faces Nivek with his sword.
Risus: The guardsman will try to recover from his disadvantaged position and will counter-attack with his sword if he is able. He rolls an 8. Nivek is going to feint with Wasp and attempt a low lunge with Hornet. He rolls a 10.
But Nivek is too quick for the man. Feinting with a high thrust from Wasp that clatters off the chair, he lunges low with Hornet, pricking the guardsman's thigh as he desperately scoots back and falls on his rump.
Update (Cytan): Elite House Guard Captain (4 2). Dice lost to inferior position and morale rather than wounds.
To be continued...


Trey said...

From your posts, the emulator seems to run really smooth in combat.

Risus Monkey said...

Yeah, the combo of Risus and Mythic really makes solo combat interesting. I would have been bored to tears if I tried this with a crunchier system.