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Beyond Sanctuary: Scene 18

For an introduction to this Mythic Game Master Emulator Sandbox adventure, see this post
Setting details and links to characters are posted here.
Previous scene: Scene 17

Wherein the party decides that caution is the better part of valor.

1. Lanumas (Kandara's familiar)
2. Dori Cabbagestalk
3. The dervishes
4. Goblins
5. Kobolds
6. Orcs

1. Find the mythical Elven Homelands
2. Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
3. Put the angry spirits to rest
4. Solve the mystery of the previous adventuring party
5. Heal Dori
6. Avenge Comet
7. Recover the party's gear
*. (exploring the ruins is too open-ended to be a thread)


The scene is altered slightly...

Liamas and Valdora return with the rest of the party. The long passage ends in a stout door with an open, barred portion (transmitting both light and odors). Liamas signals to his companions to halt and creeps ahead to investigate...
RISUS: Liamas rolls 11 on Rogue for stealth and 17 for listening. 
Q: Does he hear anything [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Q: Is he noticed [Unlikely]? No. 
He listens and peers through the bars...
Q: Is there light [unlikely]? Yes. Some torch light is visible down the hall.  
DUNGEON GEN: Rolling an NPC party encounter with treasure hidden in a secret alcove. I'm assuming a roaring fire, with horse carcasses roasting. 3 characters in the party plus 6 men-at-arms. FIGHTER, MAGIC-USER, MAGIC-USER. They are all "3rd level", which means level 3 cliches with extra cliches. They are all are human women with no magical gear.
...and sees nine humans sitting around a roaring fire and dining (presumably) on horse flesh. There is no sign of orcs or other humanoids. Shocked, Liamas quickly retreats to the party.

Liamas: "There are three human women, with 6 men-at-arms. They look like adventures! At least one of the women looks like a capable fighter, based on the quality of her gear. The other two appear to be wizards or perhaps priestesses."

Arien: "They could be adventurers or possibly mercenaries. I wonder if this is their base of operations or if they are newcomers?"

Tenistan: "Women? Women killed my horse!"

Valdora (arching an eyebrow): "You would refrain from revenge because they are women? Interesting."

Tenistan: "I didn't say that... it's just that... well, we might be not be seeing the entire story."

Hal: "A parley, then?"

Arien: "Seems risky, but talking is always preferable to bloodshed. Perhaps they thought we were the brigands?"

Valdora: "Though I would point out that they appear to be allied with goblins, hobgoblins, and orcs. That's a hell of a misunderstanding."

Hal: "I can go in under a Sanctuary..."

Arien: "...which, if I'm not mistaken, is not full-proof..."

Hal: "...and try parley or even cast a Know Alignment spell."

Arien: "Tenistan?"

Tenistan: "Uh! Why couldn't this be a simple fight? Yes, yes, yes. Try the Sanctuary."

[Rolling 13 to cast the Sunactuary successfully] Hal calls upon the calming waters of Sawdorn and walks purposefully down the hall. He raps the door with his mace and calls out, "Be you denizens of this dungeon or adventurers like ourselves, we request a parlay under benevolent protection of Sawdorn Storm Father."


CHARACTERS - Adding the rival adventurers (as a group right now, rather than as individuals).

* Find the Elf Homelands
* Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
* Put the angry spirits to rest
* Solve the mystery of the previous adventuring party
* Heal Dori
* Avenge Comet
* Regain the Party's Gear (especially Valdora's alchemy supplies)
* (exploring the ruins is too vague to be a thread)

CHAOS FACTOR: 8 (things are getting a little crazy)

Next scene: Parlay (and possible combat)

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