Friday, April 16, 2010

Risus Lankhmar: Hresstan Hammerhand

Jose, the third member of our sword & sorcery cabal, puts forward the following character for the upcoming  Risus Lankhmar Mythic GME game...

Hresstan Hammerhand
Descripton: Hresstan stands over 6'6" tall, with a heavily muscled yet agile build. His fair, bold countenance, roughly-shorn reddish blonde hair and short beard, and his glacial blue eyes mark him as a native of the Cold Wastes. He favors leathern tunics (trimmed with wolf-fur in the cold) over loose trews and knee-high soft boots laced tight. His leathern bracers and broad belt are usually studded with copper or bronze. A heavy longsword hangs at his left hip, balanced by a short sword at his right.  For serious business he bears a huge wooden roundshield embossed with iron, and wears a great horned helmet.  When he can afford it, he favors torques and arm-bands of silver or gold.   

Clichés: Overly Large Former Pirate Raider from the Cold Wastes (4), Survivor of Quarmall's Gladiator Pits (3), Son of the Best Huntsman in his Tribe (3), Lecherous Roaring Skald (2)

Hook: Too trusting around women, particularly pretty ones.

Languages: Low Lakhmarese, High Lankhmarese, Kvarchish, Quarmallian, Forest Tongue

Tools: Longsword, short sword, dagger, short axe, large round wooden shield, great horned helm, leathern vambraces, leather jerkin.

Other Possessions: High soft boots, broad leather belt, hooded cloak, thick shaggy furs, belt pouch, whetstone, large sack with spare clothing. (This gear assumes he's been in Lankhmar for a while, thus no adventuring stuff or bow).

Tale: Hresstan was born in the Cold Wastes, the son of the finest hunter and horse-trainer of his tribe. Though he learned much of woodslore (and more of archery and swordplay) from his father, the young man could not wait to get away from the strict cultural obligations of his society, so coldly enforced by
the sorcerous women. He thus apprenticed from an early age to Sigard, a skald who often accompanied the tribe's pirate raiders. He was yet to grow his beard when he went on his first raiding expedition. The young man proved an adequate skald, but a better sailor and swordsman. He volunteered for every
trip, and by the time he was twenty he had travelled in raiding, trading, or combination voyages everywhere from the Land of the Eight Cities to the Jungles of Klesh. It was on a return trip from Klesh, where they had traded steel and gold for ivory and ostrich plumes, that his captain, drunk on banana wine, decided to raid Quarmall. The huge pirates fought bravely, but against the decadent foreign sorcerers, it was a foregone conclusion -- the few survivors were captured and sold as slaves. Initially Hresstan was put to work on the great wheels that moved air into the underground kingdom. But his masters, tired of his bellicosity, sent him to the gladiator pits so they could profit from his death. But the young man, already a veteran of many duels, survived, and thrived. He became a good source of revenue for his masters, and it was during the celebration of his last victory (against a transparent skinned ghoul) that the young man made good his escape from the accursed city. He was fortunate enough to meet a northward-bound caravan before dying of thirst, and thus made his way to Lankhmar, where he has subsisted as a bravo-for-hire and merchant's guard.

Hresstan is fiercely independent, and has a natural wanderlust buoyed by his years of sailing. He is trustworthy, believing in the sanctity of his given word, and is most respectful of great oaths and deep faith, lest he raise the ire of Kos, God of Dooms. He has learned, however, caution in giving his word to civilized men, whom he sees as deceitful. His weakness (other than an occasional drinking bout, often flavored by brawling) is the fairer sex. Given his upbringing, he tends to believe women too easily, and his hormones don't help... 

Overly Large Former Pirate Raider from the Cold Wastes:  sailing, swimming, navigating by stars and sextant, oar-walking, being the strongest guy around, resistant to cold, having toughness and vitality unmatched by civilized men, swinging from rigging and ropes, fighting with swords, shields, axes, knives, and spears, brawling, climbing just about anything, casting grappling hooks impressively far, guzzling huge amounts of liquor. 

Survivor of Quarmall's Gladiator Pits:  fighting with two weapons or weapon and shield, fighting with tridents, nets, lassos, and other exotic weapons, killing foes in an entertaining manner, being tolerant to pain from wounds or whips, attracting jaded noblewomen, resisting mind-control magic

Son of the Best Huntsman in his Tribe:  hunting, tracking, surviving in the wilderness, trapping, not becoming lost, herb-lore, wound-tending, fighting with bow, spear and knife, marking trails, hawking, horse riding, fighting from horseback, stalking prey or enemies, hiding and sneaking, wilderness-bred senses

Lecherous Roaring Skald: singing in a deep voice, juggling daggers, sword-dancing, surprising women with unexpectedly romantic poetry or songs, singing/reciting sagas of doom-laden heroes, improvising limericks, knowing obscure lore, skirt-chasing

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