Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beyond Sanctuary: Scene 14

For an introduction to this Mythic Game Master Emulator Sandbox adventure, see this post
Setting details and links to characters are posted here.
Previous scene: Scene 13

Wherein the party clashes with several patrols of humanoids and Liamas reveals his a tragic past.

1. Valdora's pony
2. Karly (Arien's horse)
3. Lanumas (Kandara's familiar)
4. Comet (Tenistan's horse)
5. Dori Cabbagestalk
6. The dervishes
7. Goblins
8. Kobolds

1. Find the mythical Elven Homelands
2. Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
3. Put the angry spirits to rest
4. Solve the mystery of the previous adventuring party
*. (exploring the ruins is too open-ended to be a thread)



In a south-going passage, the party encounter a war party of 14 goblins! Their stats are as follows:

  • Goblin Captain (3)
  • Squad of 3 Goblin Sergeants (3)
  • Squad of Goblins Armed with Spears (3)

Not even pausing for a possible parley, Liamas and Valdora charge into the Squad of Goblins. Valdora takes the lead, swinging her axe, while Liamas uses his short sword to cover her flank. Valdora rolls 22 and Liamas contributes 2 6's for a total of 34. The Goblins roll a 16 but it isn't nearly enough to avoid a critical. As a result, Valdora and Liamas kill or incapacitate all 10 regular goblins (though they won't be finnished until the rest of the party compeltes its actions).

Momentarily dumbfounded by the ferocity of their companion's attacks, the party quickly recovers and joins the fray. Arien casts a Magic Missile at the captain while Tenistan throws a hand axe. The captain retailiates by throwing a javelin at Arien. Arien beats the chief 7 to 5 and wounds him with her force blast (though Tenistan misses with his axe).
UPDATE (Goblin Captain): Goblin Captain (3 2)
Hal presses through the general melee to engage the 3 goblin sergeants. Dori accompanies him, looking for an opportunity attack. Kandara tries to fight with her staff. Inflicting powerful blows with his mace, Hal rolls 14 while Dori hamstrings one with her dagger (rolling a 6). Failing to roll any sixes, Kandar doesn't even make it through the scrum to engage. The Goblins roll 6 and suffer 1 die of damage (a 1 was rolled for the critical).
UPDATE (Goblin Sergeants): Squad of 3 Goblin Sergeants (3 2)
Q: Do the goblins surrender or flee [Very likely]? Yes.
The goblin captain and his two remaining sergeants turn tail and flee. The fleeing goblins roll 15 as a unit. The party gives chase, with Arien quickly drawing her bow and shooting the guards (rolling a 16) but it is Liamas (contributing two sixes) who stabs the fleeing goblin commander in the back.

Tenistan (to Liamas): "Um, where did that come from?"

Liamas: "Goblins raided our shire when I was a kid. The killed my gran and my best friend Tom. Can't stand the shifty buggers."

Tenistan: "I guess not."

Valdora, searching the bodies, finds 84 silver pieces between them.

The party continues down the corridor (lit by the Everburning Torch) and comes to a 4-way intersection. Looking down each passageway, they see 24 orcs charging from the east!

(To be continued...)


A Paladin In Citadel said...

Thanks for doing these Scene summaries for Mythic.

You have made me sufficiently intrigued that I have added Mythic to my "to buy" list.

Keep the summaries coming, i'm quite enjoying them!

Trey said...

I agree with Paladin. Your write-ups have got me intrigued.