Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Geomorph #21

The Monkey Mapper needs more sparse tiles but this is not one of them. Here are a series of interconnected rooms with interesting features including a fountain in the south-west, a fireplace in the west, three cages in the east, and five statues. Look for this tile and the previous one to be uploaded to the Mapper either tonight or sometime in the next few days.


rainswept said...

Looks great on screen, but when I try to print it comes off as a single column of tiles.

Hoping you can tell me what I have to do, or that you can add a dump to jpeg button or somesuch?


Risus Monkey said...

You know, I've never tried to print before. But yeah, the tiles are too big to fit next to each other on a page (unless you print layout, in which case you get two next to each other).

My quick fix: scale your print settings. I'll have to check Windows later, but on my Mac I can adjust the scale in Firefox by selecting Print Options (50% does the trick). In Safari, I don't see how to do it just yet.

Better fix: let me make a printable version with smaller tiles. It may take a few days, though.

Risus Monkey said...

I mean print landscape (not layout)

Risus Monkey said...

Another stop-gap: take a screenshot first and scale before printing. I think that's what Rob Lang must have done with Dyson's Random Map.