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Beyond Sanctuary: Scene 7 (Continued)

For an introduction to this Mythic Game Master Emulator Sandbox adventure, see this post
Setting details and links to characters are posted here.
This is a continuation of  Scene 7

SCENE 7 (Continued)

... Troglodytes break forth from the other rooms and charge the party!
RISUS: The stats for the opposition follow (converted from D&D). Note that I'll allow the Trogs to sacrifice dice of "Stinker" to create "Stinking Cloud" allies on the fly (perhaps an abuse of the Sidekicks rules but it seemed cool). These stinking clouds lose a die every full turn as they disperse.
  • Troglodyte Alpha (3), Stinker (2)
  • Squad of 3 Troglodytes (3), Stinkers (3)
  • Troglodyte Beta (3), Stinker (3)
  • Another Squad of 3 Troglodytes (3), Stinkers (3)
  • Troglodyte Runt (2), Stinker (2)
Tenistan warns his companions as he intercepts the first grunt squad at the door. Both sides meet in a massive melee of opposing Teams.  Tenistan rolls 9. Wielding her sword, Arien files in next to him and adds a "6". With a thrown dagger, Liamas adds another "6". The others fail to contribute meaningfully so the party total is 21.

The first Trog grunt squad starts with an 11. The Troglodyte Alpha adds a "6". The other squad drops 2 dice and makes a Stinking Cloud (6). Its noxious fumes add another "6". The Beta Troglodyte adds another "6" and the Runt hangs back for a total of 29. The result is that Tenistan is nauseated, overwhelmed, and the whole party is pushed back into the temple.
UPDATE (Tenistan): Muscular Human Cavalry Officer (4 3)
UPDATE (Beta Squad): Stinkers (3 1)
UPDATE (Stinking Cloud): Stinking Cloud that Fades Every Full Turn (6)
The Trogs decide to split up into several groups on their turn [using my Ad Hoc Teams house rule]. The Beta Troglodyte joins his squad in attacking Tenistan and Dori (their Stinking Cloud hovers over this part of the battle). The squad rolls 11 as they charge Tenistan wielding massive clubs. The Beta Trog flanks Tenistan, adding a 6. Though nauseated, Tenistan bravely fights through the fumes, rolling a 12 to fend off the attacks. It is Dori, with a well-placed stab of her dagger, who kills the first Trog (dropping the grunt squad to 2 dice).
UPDATE (Beta Squad): Another Squad of 3 2 Troglodytes (3 2)
The Alpha Trog attacks Valdora (rolling a 13 to her 4) and stuns her with a massive blow from his club (dropping her a die in Shieldmaiden).
UPDATE (Valdora): Shieldmaiden of a Disgraced Clan (4 3)
The main squad seeks to overwhelm Kandara. Arien and Liamas come to her rescue and she puts everything she has (double-pump) into a Magic Missile. The squad rolls 8. Kandara rolls 13. Arien and Liams each contribute 6's as the squad is obliterated (each killed a Trog with this critical).
UPDATE (Alpha Squad): Squad of Troglodytes (3 0)
UPDATE (Kandara): Adventuring Wizard of the Hidden Vale [4 2]
The Runt attacks Hal by trying to make a Stinky. Hal smashes his skull before he gets a chance (rolling a critical).
UPDATE (Runt): Stinker (2 0)
It's the party's turn once again (we decrement the Stinking Cloud's cliche).
UPDATE (Stinking Cloud): Stinking Cloud that Fades Every Full Turn (6 5)
Hal and Liamas come to the aid of Valdora. Shaking herself off from the last blow, Valdora does an acrobatic spin move using her Tomb Raider cliche and rolls a 17. Hal winds up for a powerful blow and adds two 6's. Liamas can't find an opening. The Trog only rolls an 11. But the critical damage is only 1 die so he's still up and fighting.
UPDATE (Alpha Trog): Troglodyte Alpha (3 2)
Arien goes for the Troglodyte Beta, attacking with her sword while taking cover under her Shield. The Trog attempts to gas her with a Stinky. Arien rolls 19. The Trog successfully makes a Stinky and it threatens to enveloop Arien. Since it only rolls 14, Arien fights her way through the stench and slashes the brute (knocking another die off its stinker cliche).
UPDATE (Beta Trog): Stinker (3 1)
UPDATE (Beta Trog's Stinky): Stinking Cloud that Fades Every Full Turn (3)
Tenistan leads Dori and Kandara (fighting with her staff now) against the Beta Squad. Tenistan rolls 13 but Dori and Kandara fail to penetrate the stench. The squad rolls 16 and Tenistan becomes even more nauseous (losing another die of Cavalry officer).
UPDATE (Tenistan): Muscular Human Cavalry Officer (4 2)
On the Trogs' turn, the beta squad continues against Tenistan (with Dori and Kandar assisting). The squad rolls 17 (including a 6 from the gas). Tenistan switches to Mercenary Outrider tactics and rolls 8. Neither Dori nor Kandara are able to help. Tenistan takes a nasty blow from a club (he's now down 1 in Outrider).
UPDATE (Tenistan): Mercenary Outrider Who Is Handy With All Weapons (3 2)
The Beta Trog (assisted by his stinking cloud) fights back against Arien, using brute force (and stench) to overcome her finesse. He rolls 4 to Arien's 14 and he practically impales himself on her sword. As a result of this critical, he's on the verge of going down.
UPDATE (Beta Trog): Troglodyte Beta (3 1)
UPDATE (Beta Trog's Stinky): Stinking Cloud that Fades Every Full Turn (3)
Finally, the Alpha Trog tries to make a sinky of his own as he fights Valdora, Hal, and Liamas. He succeeds in creating the double-strength cloud and it adds a 6 to the Trog's own 5 (half-dice due to the fact that Valdora is resistant to poison). Valdora and Hal combine to roll a 24, killing the Trog between them (the cloud persists).
UPDATE (Alpha Trog): Stinker (3 0)
UPDATE (Alpha Trog's Stinky): Stinking Cloud that Fades Every Full Turn (6)
New turn as two of the stinking clouds dissipate some more (the third was activated in the middle of the turn and won't dissipate until after the PCs act).
UPDATE (Stinking Cloud): Stinking Cloud that Fades Every Full Turn (6 4)
UPDATE (Beta Trog's Stinky): Stinking Cloud that Fades Every Full Turn (3 2)
Hal and Valdora come to the assistance of Tenistan. Tenistan rolls 7 as he continues to fight with Outrider tactics. Dori and Kandara each add a 6. Valdora and Hal each add 6 more. The Trogs are slaughtered as a group as the combined efforts of the team overwhelm them.
UPDATE (Beta Squad): Another Squad of 3 0 Troglodytes (3 0)
Meanwhile, Arien and Liamas team up to face down the remaining Beta Trog. Fighting furiously, the Trog only rolls a 3 and his stinking cloud contributes no 6's. Holding her breath, Arien slashes him in the gut (rolling 16) while Liamas stabs him in the back (adding a 6). The Trog collapses in a puddle of blood and the fight is over.
UPDATE (Beta Trog): Troglodyte Beta (3 0)
The party immediately vacates the room to wait for the remaining stinking clouds to dissipate. [RISUS: Making a couple of "flesh wound" checks] Tenistan recover from his nausea and shakes off the bruises he received. Valdora also recovers from her beating [RISUS: similarly making a "flesh wound" check].

Liamas: "All that food on those platters..."
Tenistan: " doubt ruined by that stench. Excuse me while I throw up."

The doors to both Trog rooms are open and the party can see inside them.

[Consulting the D&D Dungeon Generator tables] The first room is 20' by 20'. It contains two chests. There are ashes in a fire-pit and a small air-hole leading to the surface was responsible for the breeze that the party noticed before. There are barrels of water, a stash of stinky hides, and pot of something vile in the firepit.

The second room is 20' by 40' with three regular doors and an open door that would otherwise be secret leading back to the other Trog room. There is an iron trunk, a broken 10 foot pole, and more old rope. There is another small shrine to the hobgoblin's god as well as a rack of old vestments. There is a workbench, a lit lantern, and some drawers of old linens.

Kandara: "Look, more evidence of another adventuring party. I bet this is their rope and pole."

The party has not forgotten the invisible chest. But first, they catch their breath and wait for the stench to recede.


CHARACTERS - Remove the Trogs and Hobgoblins.

* Find the Elf Homelands
* Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
* (exploring the ruins is too vague to be a thread)


Next scene: The party will investigate the invisible chest and continue their explorations.

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