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Beyond Sanctuary: Scene 4

For an introduction to this Mythic Game Master Emulator Sandbox adventure, see this post
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In which Dori returns to pester the party.

1. Valdora's pony
2. Karly (Arien's horse)
3. Lanumas (Kandara's familiar)
4. Comet (Tenistan's horse)
5. Dori Cabbagestalk
6. The dervishes

1. Find the mythical Elven Homelands
2. Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
*. (exploring the ruins is too open-ended to be a thread)



The scene is interrupted!
MYTHIC EVENT: NPC Action (Dori), Expose Inside.
The party follows the trail of the Hobgoblins to a ruined fortress. They find evidence of the hobgoblin camp, but nothing is really salvageable. While poking around the ruins, Dori Cabbagestalk makes a sudden appearance from behind an outcropping of rocks.

Dori: "Now, I know what you're thinking."

Hal: "Dori, you should be heading back to Sanctuary."

Dori: "Yeah, I know, but I thought you could use some help. Besides, I thought I should mention that this is where I found those horsemen. I mean I was about ready to explore this ruin when I saw these guys looking very confused...[she points]... right over there. I suspected them of pillaging the place for treasure, so I naturally snuck into their camp. I have been coming out her for months, but... well... I haven't exactly gone in just yet. Those hobgobbies that you fought are one of the reasons. I've seen other creatures here as well. Kobolds and regular gobbies, for example."

Arien: "Why didn't you come forward with this infomation before? It would make things so much easier."

Dori: "Didn't think you'd believe me. Besides, I didn't know you were coming here. Hey, could I snag a bite to eat?"

Valdora: "We gave you rations."

Dori: "I guess. But if I'm going to come with you then I may need more."

Valdora: "You're not coming with us."

Liamas: "I dunno, she could be useful."

Arien: "Well, she's already here. She'll cause more trouble if we let her rummage through our pack animals."

Dori: "Yippee!"

Hal: "Arien, do we really want to be responsible for her welfare? She has no armor and only a dagger for a weapon."

Tenistan: "We have extra weapons. Certainly, the hobgoblins had weapons that she can use. And I agree with Arien. It's safer for us if she comes with us."

Hal: "Very well."

With that, the party completes their noon-time meal, locates the dungeon entrance, confirm signs that the dervishes were here, and prepares to venture below. Here are the preparations (all character bring their valuables with them):
  • Hal takes all of his tools, a waterskin, and a backpack. He also brings one meal, just in case.
  • Valdora takes most of her tools (her Artificer tools are carried in her backpack in case she needs to shed the weight). She brings her hip-flask, an extra ration, and a waterskin. She also brings the scroll case for the party map. She secures her pony near a patch of grass and thistle.
  • Arien brings all her tools but her spellbook ink. She does bring her backpack, parchment, an extra meal, waterskin, and tinder box. She does not tie up Karly and instead relies on her elvish nature to hope that she remains (use a TN roll when they get back).
  • Tenistan restricts himself to his sword, bow, quiver, mace, and lasso (as far as weapons go). He does not bring his shield. He also brings a backpack, large sack, 1 flask of oil, the holy symbol, a waterskin, and an extra meal.
  • Liamas brings all his tools, a backpack, his flask, a waterskin, and an extra meal.
  • Kandara brings all her tool, a backpack, an extra meal, a waterskin, and mapping supplies.
  • The party gives Dori an extra meal.
CHARACTERS - Hobgoblins, Goblins, and Kobolds mentioned and are thus good candidates for the Character list (so they may appear as random encounters).

* Find the Elf Homelands
* Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
* (exploring the ruins is too vague to be a thread)

CHAOS FACTOR 4 (unchanged)

Next scene: The party begins to explore the ruins.Note that this scene is an example of Mythic scene interrupts standing in place of wandering monsters. Fixed encounters will be rolled on various D&D tables.

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