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Beyond Sanctuary: Scene 3

For an introduction to this Mythic Game Master Emulator Sandbox adventure, see this post
Setting details and links to characters are posted here.
Previous scene: Scene 2

In which the party does battle with a band of hostile humanoids.

1. Valdora's pony
2. Karly (Arien's horse)
3. Lanumas (Kandara's familiar)
4. Comet (Tenistan's horse)
5. Dori Cabbagestalk
6. The dervishes

1. Find the mythical Elven Homelands
2. Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes



The scene occurs as planned (such as it is).

The party wakes on the morning of September 9th. [Q: Is the weather clear (Likely)? No] There is a light rain and the air has become a little cooler (it's always cooler in the evenings and mornings at this altitude). They share left-over mule, beer and rations with the dervishes. Dori is nowhere to be found. [Q: Did she steal anything? (50/50)? No] After a quick search of their belonging the party decides that she did not continue her pilfering ways.

Communication with the dervishes is proving to be a challenge and Hal expresses a desire to return with them to Sanctuary to solve the mystery of why they are so far from home. But Arien convinces him to stay. She reasons that they will likely be in Sanctuary upon their expected return in a few weeks.
Q: Does the party travel for more than a day without an encounter? [Likely] NO! They will have an encounter shortly after parting with the dervishes in mid-morning. 
D&D ENCOUNTER TABLE: Humanoids with ruins w/in 5 miles! Hobgoblins! 
Q: Are they a challenge to the party? [Unlikely] No. 
Q: Are there signs of them before they are encountered? [50/50] Yes.
Crossing a stretch of hill scrub-lands...
RISUS: the party gets base TN7 rolls to detect evidence of humanoid activity.
  • For Hal, it's 17 for Cleric and 12 for Mariner. He chooses Cleric and fails.
  • For Valdora, it's 12 for Tomb Raider (her best cliche). She rolls 19 and succeeds by enough to identify the species. No sense in rolling for anybody else.
...Valdora easily notices footprints, spoor, and dropped tools. Having experience in fighting such creatures, she points out that they almost certainly belong to Hobgoblins. And not only that, the evidence suggests that they traveled this way recently. 

The party discusses its options. Hobgoblins usually lair in ruins or surface villages. Somebody is going to need to scout ahead. Better yet, a pair should probably attempt the scouting. As party sneak, Liamas volunteers. He is paired with Arien (probably the next stealthiest).
RISUS: Roughly converted from the rolled D&D encounter, the opposition is as follows:
  • Hobgoblin Leader Armed With Glaive and Morning Star (3)
  • Squad of 2 Hobgoblin Assistants Armed with Spears (4)
  • Squad of 10 Hobgoblins Armed with Spears (4)
  • Squad of 3 Hobgoblin Scouts Armed With Morning Stars (3)
NOTE: Risus combat details will now be interspersed with the regular narrative (writing everything twice was becoming a pain in the arse).
Liamas and Arien will need to make opposed checks vs. the Hobgoblin Scouts to determine surprise (I'm going to rule that one side or the other will need to win by a good-sized margin to achieve surprise). Liamas rolls 14, Arien rolls 8, the Hobgoblins roll 13 so nobody has surprise. The first round of combat starts!

Liamas attempts to remain hidden. He'll try to assist [i.e. Team with] Arien with some thrown daggers from the shadows if it looks like she needs help. At close range, Arien keeps her shield between herself and two of the hobgoblin scouts while she does some fancy swordwork against the third. She rolls 20! Liamas saves his daggers (he rolled no 6's). The hobgoblins roll 16 and press her ferociously (they hate elves!). But Arien's at the top of her game and she gives one a nasty wound as well as a small cut to another.
UPDATE: Squad of 3 Hobgoblin Scouts Armed With Morning Stars (3 2)
The hobgoblins yell for reinforcements and press their attack. They roll 7. Arien repeats her tactic and yells for her allies as well. She rolls 14 and slays the more wounded of the two with a nasty slash across the throat, Liamas again stays hidden (no 6's).
UPDATE: Squad of 3 2 Hobgoblin Scouts Armed With Morning Stars (3 1)
Q: Do the Hobgoblin's arrive before the rest of the party? [50/50]? No. 
The Hobgoblins and the rest of the party arrive at the same time for a massive brawl in the hilly, thicket-covered lands.

Arien attempts to finnish off the two remaining hobgoblins with a couple of quick strikes. She rolls 12 to the squad's 5. She succeeds and immediately looks for additional targets.
UPDATE: Squad of 3 0 Hobgoblin Scouts Armed With Morning Stars (3 0)
Tenistan charges on Comet through the brush straight for Hobgoblin assistants. He rolls 8 and Comet cannot attack [no 6's on the Team roll]. The hobgoblins set their spears for the charge and roll 17, almost scoring a critical hit*. Tenistan is unhorsed and battered.
UPDATE (Tenistan): Muscular Human Cavalry Officer (4 3)
* NOTE: I am using a House Rule that says if there is a margin of 10 or more in a combat roll, a critical (1d6 damage) is achieved. Given the large party size, I figured this would speed up play.
Hidden in the brush, Liamas attempts to sneak behind the leader and backstab him. He'll pump his Adventuring Rogue and use a Lucky Shot in an effort to land a critical. 20! The leader only rolls 8 so it is a critical. He rolls 6 dice of damage and goes down.
UPDATE: Hobgoblin Leader Armed With Glaive and Morning Star (3 0)
UPDATE (Liamas): Fearless Halfling Adventuring Rogue (4 3). Lucky Shots [x] [] [].
Kandara opts to lob a Fireball at the squad of 10 of Hobgoblins. They see her casting the spell and some try to throw spears to stop her. Kandara will use a  Double Pump to increase her chances. She rolls 27! The Hobgoblins only roll 9. She rolls 4 damage and takes out the entire squad!
UPDATE: Squad of 10 0 Hobgoblins Armed with Spears (4 0)
UPDATE (Kandara): Adventuring Wizard of the Hidden Vale [4 3]
Hal and Valdora rush to assist Tenistan. They team up, fighting back-to-back with Valdora in the lead. She rolls 17. Hall does not roll any 6's. The Hobgoblins roll 16 and one of them suffers a nasty wound from her axe.
UPDATE: Squad of 2 Hobgoblin Assistants Armed with Spears (4 3)
It's the Hobgoblin's turn and they are in a hopeless situation. [Q: Do they surrender (Likely)? No] They choose to fight, focusing their attention on Valadora. Of course, the whole team comes to her defense. The Hobgoblins roll 6. Valdora rolls 12. Hal doesn't help much. Tenistan missed with his weapons, but Comet delivers a blow with his hoof. That pushes things into critical territory and the Hobgoblins are slain.
UPDATE: Squad of 2 0 Hobgoblin Assistants Armed with Spears (4 0)
As is typical of the way I run Risus, I make after-battle checks to see what wounds are temporary and what cliches can be recovered right away. Tenistan rolls to recover and his injuries are merely flesh wounds. Liamas gets his dice back from the situational Pump, though he is still down one Lucky Shot. Kandara will not recover her lost die in Wizard until she rests and prepares spells again.
UPDATE (Tenistan): Muscular Human Cavalry Officer (4)
UPDATE (Liamas): Fearless Halfling Adventuring Rogue (3). Lucky Shots [x] [] [].
Looting the bodies, the party discovers 256 cp and 128 gp. There is also the hobgoblins' gear, which may not be worth saving.
D&D Tables: There is a ruin associated with the hobgoblin encampment.
CQ: What is the nature of the ruin [Mythic]? Persecute Tactics. Something military and something unjust (probably a warlord's domicile... maybe a ruined castle.
More importantly, the hobgoblins were encamped above a ruined structure. The party takes a brief rest, eats a small meal, and prepares to begin exploring!


CHARACTERS - No additions.

* Find the Elf Homelands
* Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
* (exploring the ruins is too vague to be a thread)


Next scene: The party begins to explore the ruins.

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