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Beyond Sanctuary: Scene 10

For an introduction to this Mythic Game Master Emulator Sandbox adventure, see this post
Setting details and links to characters are posted here.
Previous scene: Scene 9

In which the party discovers that there are often very good reasons to leave spiked doors alone.

1. Valdora's pony
2. Karly (Arien's horse)
3. Lanumas (Kandara's familiar)
4. Comet (Tenistan's horse)
5. Dori Cabbagestalk
6. The dervishes
7. Goblins
8. Kobolds

1. Find the mythical Elven Homelands
2. Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
*. (exploring the ruins is too open-ended to be a thread)


The scene occurs as expected. It is now early afternoon and the party has returned to the entry chamber to discuss their next move.

Liamas: "Are we assuming that the stench is in fact coming from a latrine behind that door? Anyone? Oh hell, I'll take a look."
Q: Is it a nasty old latrine [Likely]? Yes.
Liamas: "Gods! You do not want to go in there!"

Having confirmed the existance of the latrine off the main entry room (which could theoretically be used to descend deeper ino the dungeon), they now approach the lit torch.
Q: Is it still lit?[Likely] It is still lit.
Q: Is it an everburning torch [Likely]? yes.
Kandara (motioning the others to be quiet as they approach the torch): "Listen... the torch makes no noise. And look... it doesn't produce any smoke. Clearly it is magical. How convenient for us. Now we have light and we less reason to fear that denizens that have passed this way recently. I'll carry it for now."

The passage turns north and seemingly dead-ends after 30 feet.
Q: Is there a secret door [Likely]? Yes. 
Q/RISUS: Does Arien find a secret door after rolling a 10 on her Elven Knight cliche [Likely]? 
Arien discovers that there is, in fact, a secret door at the end of the hall. The party readies itself and opens the door...

[Consulting the Dungeon Generator] It is a 30' x 40' room with an exit on the north wall and immediately to the west of the secret door on the south wall. The air is still and warm and earthy-smelling. There is an iron spike shoved under the southern door and there is [Q: Lit (Unlikely)? No] an unlit brazier that sits in the middle of the room.

Hal: "Very interesting."
Liamas: "What?"
Hal: "The room. It's very interesting."
Liamas: "I don't see anything interesting. The room's empty... that is unless you count that boring brazier."
Valdora: "He's talking about the spiked door, you idiot. Somebody wants to keep that door shut."

Arien and Liamas fan out to listen at the southern and northern doors respectively.
Q/Risus/Dungeon Generator: Rolling 12 and 8 respectively, do the characters hear anything [50/50 and Very Unlikely respectively]? Yes and no.  I roll a dog on the encounter table and will verify it again when the party enters the room.
Arien: "I hear something... like a whining dog."
Q: Is there light coming from underneath the door? [50/50]? No.
Hal (in a whisper now): "The lit magical torch and the almost obvious secret door... Perhaps this is some kind of trap for foolhardy adventurers?"

Valdora: "The spiked door is almost certainly another sign of a previous adventuring party. They must have run into trouble beyond that door."

Tenistan: "Or maybe they just wanted to rest in peace and forgot to remove that spike."

Liamas: "I think we should check out the spiked room first."

Arien: "But we know there is something in the next room."

Liamas: "Probably a guard dog. No sense in raising an alarm just yet, especially when there might be treasure through that door."

Arien shrugs and Tenistan removes the spike. Entering the room, they find a roughly 30' x 50' irregular cavern with a sarcophagus.
Q: Is it a tomb[Likely]? Very much so! 
Tenistan: "The walls of the chamber are filled with skulls. Something is not right in here!"
ENCOUNTER TABLE: Poltergeists! 
Instantly, the party is attacked by seven instantiations of Countless Incorporeal Spirits (3) (one grunt squad for each party member).

One group attacks Hal and he responds by trying to turn them with the power of Sawdown. The spirits roll 7 and Hal rolls 13. Hal keeps his spirits at bay and it is weakened (and down 1 die).

One group attacks Valdora. She goes completely defensive using her Tomb Raider cliche. Though she is hit by flying objects, she manages to avoid serious harm [tie and I'm using a house rule that says you do not inflict damage if you cannot explain how your opponent could be worn down].

One group attacks Arien and she responds by casting Protection from Evil. Unfortunately, Arien is damaged by flying objects and loses the spell (and is reduced to level 2 in Sword-Mage until she rests and prepares more spells).
UPDATE (Arien): Sword-Mage of the Sisterhood of Galenteith [3 2]
Tenistan is attacked and he is forced to go defensive as well. Rolling 14 to the ghost's 12, he avoids damage for now. Same for Liamas. Kandara cannot cast spells and she barely avoid damage thanks to the distractions provided by her familiar [It rolled a 6 while teaming with Kandara].

Dori is whacked by a flying skull and loses a die.
UPDATE (Dori): Adventuring Thief (3 2)
It's the party's turn and they have very few options.

Arien: "We must flee! Only Hal can possibly engage the creatures!"
Q: Can the party flee without being subjected to further attacks [50/50]? Yes.
Thus the party exits and re-spikes the door. Dori recovers a bit from her wounds [making her "flesh wound" check]

Liamas: "That explains the door spike."

Hal: "By Sawdorn, I vow to return to this room when we are more capable of putting those angry souls to rest."

CHARACTERS - No need to add the spirits since they won't be leaving that room.

* Find the Elf Homelands
* Solve the mystery of the lost dervishes
* Put the angry spirits to rest
* (exploring the ruins is too vague to be a thread)


Next scene: The party will head north and confront the dog-like sounds.

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