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Lair of the Frog King: Scene 5

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Mythic elements: What's All This Mythic Stuff?

Previous Scene: Scene 4

Wherein Hinkley tries to escape his pursuers and rally the Frog Men to help rescue Sylvia.

1. Sylvia Franco
2. Frog Men
3. Frog Romeo
4. From Princess
5. Frog King
6. Von Loaph
7. Eva Schneider
8. Mercenaries

1. (Save the Frog King/Princess)
2. Acquire the "Artifact"
3. Return to Silverlode

4. Rescue Sylvia



The scene is altered. Ask questions to see how...
Q: Does the scene begin without the pursuing mercenaries (i.e. has Hinkley already escaped) [Likely given a lack of other obvious modifications]? Yes.
RISUS: Hinkley recovers Nice Young Man cliche because it was only down due to loss of ground. His belly wound is still smarting, though.
Racing into the darkness for several minutes, Hinkley pauses and realizes that he is completely alone. Pausing a bit longer to confirm that he has dodged his pursuit, Hinkley...
Q: Is he still carrying his electric torch (from the example combat) [Very Likely - though it could have been lost when he was captured]? Yes (just).
... switches on his electric torch to take stock of his situation.
COMPLEX QUESTION: Where is he [Mythic Event Meaning Tables]? Take Stalemate. I'm going to say that he's a dead end (nothing useful).
It would appear that he had entered a long tunnel of some sort. Thinking about it, it made sense. He didn't smash his face while running through the almost pitch-black complex. Still, he wondered how far from the inhabited sections he was. Consulting the map...
Q: Is he still *on the map* [Very Likely]? Yes.
Q: Does the tunnel lead anywhere interesting [Unlikely - given the Complex Question]? Yes.
COMPLEX QUESTION: Where [Wikipedia]? Clustered Bellflower (Campanula glomerata)... in otherwords, some kind of greenhouse or botanical garden. Must be where the Frogs harvest food or herbs.
Q: Is it a Fungus Farm [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Is anyone there [50/50]? No.
...Hinkley sees that if he continues along the tunnel that he would wind up in an area where the Frog Harvest mushrooms and other edible flora. Not particularly useful given that the area is currently deserted.
COMPLEX QUESTION: What is the nearest concentration of Frog Men [Mythic Event Meaning]? Divide Status Quo... the throne room (because the captured king epitomizes the current situation and the frog men are divided).
Q: Is there a secret way in [Unlikely]? Yes.
Looking back the way he came, he notes with grim amusement that he isn't too far from the king's throne room. Amazingly, there is a small and apparently underused access way that was originally designed for servants. A dumb-waiter! Yes, there is a direct path to the kitchens, which are located a level above the throne room. He shouldn't have trouble rallying the locals to his aid there. And with any luck, that's where Eva would bring Sylvia (though the dungeon is another strong possibility).

I'm ending the scene here with the expectation that the next scene will begin with Hinkley entering a crowded kitchen.

CHARACTERS - No change.

1. Rescue Sylvia
2. (Save the Frog King/Princess)
3. Acquire the "Artifact"
4. Return to Silverlode


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