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Lair of the Frog King: Scene 3

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Mythic elements: What's All This Mythic Stuff?
Previous Scene: Scene 2

Wherein Hinkley leads Eva and her men into a pocket of Frog Men preparing to fight back for their king.

1. Sylvia Franco
2. Frog Men
3. Frog Romeo
4. From Princess
5. Frog King
6. Von Loaph
7. Eva Schneider
8. Mercenaries

1. Escape
2. Find Sylvia
3. (Save the Frog King/Princess)
4. Acquire the "Artifact"
5. Return to Silverlode

The scene is altered (which will likely mean the addition of the Frog Prince, Sylvia, and possibly the Frog Princess).
Q: Is the Frog Prince there [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Is Sylvia there as well [Likely]? Extreme yes (which I'll read as them having an ambush prepared).
Q: Is the Frog Princess here as well [Likely]? Yes.
After ducking down a small flight of stairs and taking a long, winding cavern, Hinkley stops before a sturdy wooden door.

Hinkley: "Well, this is it. If you don't mind, I'll just stand aside. I'm not much use in a fight."
Q: Does Eva try to make Hinkley go first [50/50]? Yes.
Eva: "Not so fast, Robert. You would have to know that we expect this to be an ambush. If you are willing to demonstrate your sincerity by going first then we'll certainly back you up with force. I see you are carrying a little revolver there. Would you like something more substantial? To give you a little more courage?"

Hinkley: "I honestly can't say if there will be an ambush. Your men are terribly noisy and if you hadn't noticed, these Frog Men have been making the oddest noises [Q: a lie (Likely)? Yes] in a possible attempt to warn their compatriots. But I'm a man of action. Give me you're gun and I'll charge into the breach like the most foolish of soldiers."
Q/RISUS: Hinkley rolls 11 against Nice Young Man, does Eva appear to buy his story and allow him to hang back? It's a good roll which would imply at least a Likely but Eva might buy his story and still make him go first so it's 50/50. Yes.
Eva stops short of giving him the shotgun and looks very closely at the [Q: Nervous (50/50)? Yes] nervous Frog Men in their party. Slowly she says, "Stay in back and be a coward if you'd like, Robert. We'll take over from here." She then motions to the Frog Men to open the door. Her own human mercenaries draw guns and prepare for violence.

The lead Frog Men looks over his own troops and at the well-equipped humans and comes to some sort of decision. He goes to the door, turns the bronze handle, and [Q: shouts (Likely)? Yes] shouts something in his own tongue as he and his men charge into the room.
Q: Does Eva order her men to shoot into the backs of her erstwhile allies [Unlikely]? Yes.
Not bothering to wait for the inevitable betrayal, Eva and her men open fire with their guns into the backs of their allied Frog Men. Either Hinkley's story convinced them that treason was afoot, or they already suspected something.
RISUS: Time for some stats... (Eva's a freom my previous Silverlode campaign).
Q: Are the human mercenaries at least a 5 dice grunt squad [50/50]? Extreme yes. They are 6 dice!
Q: Are the Frog Men former allies at least 5 dice grunt squad [Unlikely]? Yes.
Eva Schneider
Clichés: Crafty Ninja (5), Striking Master of Disguise (4), Hard to Kill Henchwoman (3).
Hook: Code of Honor
Tools: 2 very fine silver throwing knives (+1pip bonus gear), revolver.

Squad of Human Mercenaries
Clichés: Grunt Squad of Vicious Human Mercenaries (6).

Squad of Frog Men Soldiers
Clichés: Grunt Squad of Frog Men Soldiers Armed With Spears (5).
RISUS: In the first round of combat, the Frog Men are simply trying to take cover in the room. It's not entirely defensive because they will aim to fortify their position and thus try to put the humans at a disadvantage. They roll 20. The humans roll 24. Eva fails to add any 6's with her teaming. As a result, the Frog men are down 1 die, though they have reached some degree of cover in the room.
Hinkley covers his ears and looks away as a storm of gunfire erupts from the mercenaries. The Frog Men were diving for cover, but Hinkley grows queasy at the thought of the casualties that they must of sustained.
Q: Does Eva order the men into the room right away [50/50]? Yes.
Eva doesn't let up. With a stream of commands in German, she orders her men into the breach to press the attack.

Looking for an exit strategy, Hinkley moves down the corridor a few steps and consults his map under the ambient torchlight.
Q: Does the map show frog men winking out of existence [Near Sure Thing]? Yes.
Q: Does it show any frog men moving to a flanking position via side (possibly secret) passages [50/50]? Extreme no! It looks like a dead-end. Funny place to set-up an ambush... yet that is what they did (according to previous questions). The Frog Men must have something else up their sleeve.
Q: Does Hinkley hear the tell-tale roar of a raging werewolf [Very Likely]? Extreme yes... in fact a few human mercenaries stagger out of the room. I assume they don't take note of Hinkley as they flee.
Hinkley watches frog men winking out of existence in the assault. He rather hoped that the Frog Men had another way out of the room, but there was no exit according to the map. Suddenly, in a lull in the gun fire, Hinkley hears the now familiar howl of a rampaging werewolf. He smiles to himself as several bloodied mercenaries stumble from the room and flee in the direction from which they came. They don't even bother looking at Hinkley.

Fighting the urge to sit this one out, Hinley reasons that Sylvia could use some help. He does have his gun, after all. And his bag of mail-order miracles. He considers which of his gadgets might be of help in the situation...
Q: Does Eva flee the room [Likely]? Extreme no! Instead, I assume Sylvia is forced out of the room!
There is a monstrous shriek of pain as an eight foot tall humanoid wolf tumbles out of the room. She has one of Eva's silvered knives buried in her shoulder and she is already starting to shrink down to human size in front of Hinkley's eyes.

Hinkley now knows what he has to do. He searches his bag for one of his gas bombs.
RISUS: Is a roll of 9 on Mail Order Miracles enough to pull a gas bomb that can be used as a scene-ending diversion [Unlikely - given that 10 seems a more likely TN]? Yes.
He grabs Sylvia's shrinking hand and tosses the gas bomb. A cloud of noxious smoke billows forth at the entrance of the chamber and the two race away from the carnage.
CHARACTERS - No change.

1. (Save the Frog King/Princess)
2. Acquire the "Artifact"
3. Return to Silverlode


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