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Lair of the Frog King: Scene 2

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In which Hinkley leads Eva Schneider and a small squad of human mercenaries on a hunt for his friend and companion, Sylvia Franco. 

1. Sylvia Franco
2. Frog Men
3. Frog Romeo
4. From Princess
5. Frog King
6. Von Loaph
7. Eva Schneider
8. Mercenaries

1. Escape
2. Find Sylvia
3. (Save the Frog King/Princess)
4. Acquire the "Artifact"
5. Return to Silverlode

The scene is altered.
Q: Is Von Loaph with them [50/50]? No.
Q: Is a squad of Frog Men with them [Likely]? Yes.
In the torch-lit corridors of the Frog King's caverns, Hinkley stops the party to consult his magic map. He really did order it from Sears, though the product description implied that it was more of a child's toy that an instrument of trans-dimensional infiltration. As he noted earlier (and as Eva similarly noted), the map displays the location of living beings in the complex...
Q: Does the map display the location of everybody (including humans) [50/50]? No.
...but unbeknownst to Eva, it only displays the location of native inhabitants. That's why Hinkley and Sylvia were unaware of the presence of human mercenaries.

As far as Eva is concerned, he knows exactly where Sylvia is. He just has to prolong the illusion until he can get out of this mess. He recalls that Heinrich mentioned an attack on the prison block. That location was clearly marked on the map and an obvious place to go. But would Sylvia still be there? And does it even matter? He doesn't really want to sell out his friend. All that stuff he said to Eva was a lie. He really likes Sylvia, though she is rather intimidating.

Q/RISUS: Rolling 4 vs. Success Story, does he hear anything (like the natives getting restless) [Very Unlikely]? No.
Screw it, he doesn't have other ideas at this point. He starts leading Eva and the rest down the halls towards the cell blocks.

Hinkley: "It seems weird for me to be asking you this, given that I'm Sylvia's companion and all, but why would she be attacking the dungeon? I would have thought that she'd be rescuing me."
Q: Does Eva spill the beans about the Frog Princess [Unlikely]? Yes.
Eva: "It could have something to do with the king's daughter. Heinrich was keeping her in the dungeon to make the king more... agreeable to our requests. That doesn't bother you, does it?"

Hinkley: "No way, miss. Kidnaping, extortion... been there done that."

Eva: "Right. It looks like we're heading for the dungeon. I could have guessed she was there. Are you sure this map reads her location or that you are actually telling me anything useful? You seemed like such a nice young lad, I'd hate to turn you over to [Q: Zhang (50/50)? No. Q: Reinhardt (Likely)? Yes] Reinhardt. He has this trick he does with a bowie knife that must be seen to be believed."

Hinkley: "It only appears that I'm taking you to the prison because...
Q: Is there another area near hear with a large concentration of Frog Men [Likely]? Yes.
Hinkley: ... I'm actually taking you down to the this old section of the map that doesn't look like it's used very much. Sylvia's there, though I must warn you that there are others with her."
Q/RISUS: Hinkley rolls 6 on Nice Young Man to try to pull off the lie, does Eva appear to buy it [Unlikely]? Yes.
Eva: (drawing what looks to be a silver knife and motioning her men to draw weapons) "Don't worry about the rest, Robert. Modern firearms should make short work of any rebel Frogs that Miss Franco has persuaded to her cause. As for the werewolf herself... let's just say I've been prepared for this confrontation for a very long time."

Hinkley: "Um, right. It should be just around the bend."

CHARACTERS - No change.

1. Escape
2. Find Sylvia
3. (Save the Frog King/Princess)
4. Acquire the "Artifact"
5. Return to Silverlode


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