Friday, February 12, 2010

Ad Hoc Teams

Those of you paying attention to my current Risus Mythic GME story may have noticed that I deviate from the standard rules when it comes to Teaming Up. In a nutshell, I allow teams to form and reform from round to round with no penalty for disbanding. I feel a little weird about this because, in general, I like to stick to the standard rules and those presented in the Risus Companion. This is pretty much the case when I veer into house rule territory. Not that there's anything wrong with house rules for any game (i.e. there's no wrong way to play), it's just that since I blog about Risus I feel like I have a responsibility to the rules as written.

But I do like how Ad Hoc Teams work in play. It feels natural for combatants to team up for a specific maneuver and then go off and do their own thing on the following round. Game balance doesn't seem to be an issue since I've eliminated the vengeance bonus and enemy NPCs are free to form their own teams as well (when not lumped into a single Grunt Squad).

I also use the Teaming Up rules to handle situations where characters (and sometimes their magic items) collaborate on Target Number rolls (such as lifting a heavy portcullis). The standard rules don't really mention that this is possible, but it seems logical to allow it.


Nero said...

There nothing wrong with expanding the rules, just make certain to acknowledge the rule's origins. This coming from a Freewheeling Mixmaster.

Risus Monkey said...

Exactly my intent. Hey Nero, I had noticed you talking about your Arabian-themed Risus game a while back but I never knew you had put it up on the web. Pretty darn cool, though I'm sorry to see that the campaign died.

Nero said...

C'est la vie.

Once mage runners hear that there are no specifically offensive or mind control spells, they give it a pass.