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Moon Goddess: Scene 21

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Mythic elements: What's All This Mythic Stuff?
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Wherein Katja recovers in a Saint Petersburg safe-house [it was expected that they'd be on ship].

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Nina Yazov
Nina's Mother (Anna Yazov)
The Hard Man with the Nasty Scar
Nina's uncle Ulrich
The target of Nina's hunt
The Commissar
Fanquin Lanfeng
The girls from New Zealand
Crewmen from the smaller ship
Other passengers
Nora (the red-headed girl from New Zealand)
Marna (a brunette girl from New Zealand)

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Deliver antique sword to the target of Nina's hunt
* Investigate the Moon Goddess Cult in New Zealand


Interrupt scene!
[Move Away Thread (Nina's Hunt), Transform a Path. I'll interpret that as a much longer and more difficult path to Australia.]
Q: Does Katja come to her senses in Saint Petersburg safe-house [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Is Katja alone in a room with Nina [50/50]? Yes.
The next hour is a blur of confused activity. Strong hands guide Katja into another automobile. Others join her in the back seat but she is not able to focus on faces or voices. Eventually, she surrenders to sleep and all is black.

When she wakes, she finds herself in dark room, lit by only a small lamp. Sitting at her bed-side is Nina, waiting patiently for her to wake.

Katja: "Where are we?"
Q: Does Nina mention that difficulties of taking a ship with no crew and the attention of the Soviet Navy [Likely]? Yes.
Nina: "A safe-house in Saint Petersburg. Thanks to your little rampage, it was no longer possible to find sea passage to England. I'm sure the whole Soviet Navy is looking for us. Thanks to Igor, they have false leads to pursue while we find a better place to hide."

Katja: "What did Igor do?"
Q: Did Igor find a crew to pilot the oat that formerly carried the New Zealanders [Likely]? Extreme yes.
Nina: "He used his connections to find a replacement crew for the smugglers' ship. He made sure that some of us were seen boarding that vessel and we 'convinced' witnesses to stand ready to confirm that fact, should they be asked of our whereabouts."

Katja: "Ah."

Katja takes a moment to let that sink in. She's thinking much more clearly now. That transformation spell was more powerful than anything she had ever attempted in the past. She can still almost feel the beast raging inside of her. It was frightening but exhilarating at the same time.

In a moment, Katja realizes that her situation has fundamentally changed...

Katja: "So, I suppose this makes you a fugitive like me?"
Q: Does Nina still cling to the hope of reconciling with the State [Very Unlikely]? Extreme yes (that was unexpected).
Q: Is she a True Believer [Likely]? Yes.
Nina: "Yes, I suppose it does. But don't think for a minute that I'm looking to flee my homeland or organize a resistance cell. I was there at the beginning, Katja. I marched with Lenin. I was a foot soldier in the October Revolution. I shed blood in the Civil War. I still believe we can make this all work."

Katja: "I won't even pretend that I know what you are talking about. All I see is tyranny. And I see that you see it too. They killed your father and they tried to erase your mother. They are still trying to erase your mother. I'm sure your precious State was responsible for kidnapping those girls from their homeland in an attempt to bury your mother's legacy."
Q: "Does Nina communicate her inner conflict [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Nina goes red and fights back tears.

Nina: "Yes. It's all gone to Hell. This was never what we wanted. But we can fix it. I know we can. And somehow you are the key."

Katja: "How can I help? As powerful as my 'little rampage' was this afternoon (and I assume it was *this* afternoon), I am not omnipotent. And though I can't say for certain, I'm fairly sure that the Silver Huntress is at best indifferent to your politics. At worst, she'd want to tear everything down. She's not exactly a 'civilized' goddess."
Q: Does Nina invoke her mother's drive to help the common people [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Did Nina's mother have different ideas about how the country should be governed that Nina now agrees with [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Nina: "But you are wrong. My mother saw a better way forward. She didn't just want to destroy the system. Her goal was Utopia and she saw how very flawed the Bolsheviks were. We argued endlessly about it and she was losing favor with Lenin's crowd even before the Tsar had her arrested. It was Nasir!" (She spits.) "Before you intervened, that bastard confessed to turning her in to the Tsar's Secret Police. And he said he did it under Lenin's orders! Even then, they knew she would be trouble."

Katja: "So you are going to resist?"

Nina: "Yes... no, not in that way. I still believe in the Communist Ideal. It can be made to work."

Katja: "I don't understand you at all. You're still fighting with your mother after all these years. Why? Don't you feel the pull of something greater? Or maybe that's just it... maybe you never felt like you were chosen like your mother or her flock."
Q: Does Nina react angrily to Katja's assumption about her motives. [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Without warning, Nina slaps Katja hard across the face. Stunned, Katja can't even speak as Nina rises to leave.

Nina: "You don't know me, Katja. Don't presume otherwise."

Nina then leaves the room.
Q: Are there windows in the room (indicating that it is night) [very likely]? Yes.
Q: Are there clothes and other personal effects laid out for Katja to change into [very likely]? Extreme yes.
Q: Is the sword in here [Unlikely]? No.
Seething, Katja looks about the room. In an armoire, she finds a wide assortment of clothes that could easily fit her. She quickly finds something warm, comfortable, and (to please her lingering vanity) attractive. As it turns out, it's the hunting clothes she wore several nights ago when first visited the menhir in the clearing. She quickly dresses and then looks for other supplies.

She doesn't find the sword (or any other weapons). But she does find a small bag with various toiletries and oddments of jewelry. She also finds a beautiful circular gadget that she intuits to be some kind of time-piece.

She grabs the bag and leaves the room determined to confront Nina. Katja is through with being Nina's lifeline to political stability. She is bound and determined to take control of her own destiny.


CHARACTERS - No change.

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother (though this is well along)
* Decipher the writing on the menhir
* Deliver antique sword to the target of Nina's hunt
* Investigate the Moon Goddess Cult in New Zealand

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