Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Target Numbers in Mythic Risus

When a character attempts something challenging in Risus that isn't a contest or combat, a GM usually assigns a Target Number to the task that depends on the applicability of the cliche being used.

So what happens when there is no GM?

When playing Risus with the Mythic Game Master Emulator, this situation occurs frequently. Indeed, it comes up in the latest scene that I posted from The Moon Goddess is a Harsh Mistress. As a GM, Mythic is constrained in the type of answers that it can give to questions. It doesn't do numbers well. You cannot ask Mythic what a TN should be for a given task. What you can do, however, is turn things around and roll against the most appropriate-seeming cliche first. Then, you ask Mythic if your result was enough to succeed. You use logic and your best judgment to roughly gauge the odds of this. Then, based on a roll to answer that Yes/No question, you will find out if you succeed or fail. Mythic can even tell you if you succeed or fail in a spectacular fashion.

The example from Scene 3:
Q: Katja rolls 6 on her Aristocrat cliche, is it enough to pose as the spirit of the woman's mother (in other words, are the guards spooked) [50/50]? Yes.
In this case, I assumed the Target Number was likely between 5 and 10 and that there was a roughly 50/50 chance that Katja would have succeeded.

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