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Moon Goddess: Scene 8

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Wherein Katja explores her accommodations, considers her situation, and plots her escape.

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Nina's Mother
Nina's Father
The Hard Man with the Nasty Scar

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir


The scene is altered (I was expecting Katja to be housed in Nina's mother's old room).
Q: Does Nina lock Katja into a spartan guest room [50/50]? Yes.
After tending to the horses, Katja and Nina come in from the cold. Katja almost has vertigo from the emotional high that she's achieved after over two years of living hell. She wants to talk, but Nina is having none of it. "In the morning." is all she says.

Susi takes Katja's coat, boots, and gloves and Nina leads Katja up to her room.

Nina: "This is where you will be staying. Of course, you are still in my custody, so do not be surprised if you cannot open the door until morning. If you need to attend your bodily functions, there is an old chamber pot in the corner. Otherwise, I will wait for you visit the water closet down the hall."
Q: Does Katja find scissors in the washroom [Unlikely]? Extreme no. In fact, there is almost nothing of use in the washroom but a few towels and a toilet (Katja bathed in a different room).
After taking care of business, Katja says, "Good night."

Nina replies, "We'll talk in the morning."

The door closes and Katja hears the turning of a lock. She examines the room.
Q: Is there a Christian cross [50/50]? No (though that doesn't mean much).
Q: Are there any decorations on the all at all [Unlikely]? Extreme No. Nothing. Room is almost completely bare (besides the bed, quilts, and chamber pot). There isn't even a mirror or dresser.
Q: Is there a window [Likely]? No, it's an internal room.
Sarcastically, "Great. Another prison cell. How am I going to get out of this?"

Before she sleeps, she offers another prayer of thanks to the Silver Huntress. She asks for the Goddess to reveal her purpose on this world (if it pleases the Goddess, of course). She then ponders future actions.

Of top priority is escape. At a minimum, she will need warm clothes, a horse, a map, food, and a weapon. But knowing nobody in this world, she doesn't like her chances (especially in the middle of winter). More than anything else, she needs a trusted ally. Her best bet would be to cultivate a positive relationship with Susi (who seems very nice). She also decides to keep her options open with Nina for the time being. Nina is very complicated. Katja doesn't like her and she certainly doesn't trust her. But Nina's mother had some kind of connection to the Silver Huntress (or a similar deity).

Nina's mother might actually be her primary concern. Katja resolves to unravel that mystery even before seriously considering escape.


CHARACTERS - No change.

* Escape to freedom
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother
* Decipher the writing on the menhir

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