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Moon Goddess: Scene 5

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Mythic elements: What's All This Mythic Stuff?
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Susi to leads Katja to the kitchen for a meal and conversation.

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Nina's Mother
Nina's Father
The Hard Man with the Nasty Scar
The other young woman

* Escape to freedom
* Regain the favor of the Silver Huntress
* Demonstrate magic to Nina
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother


The scene occurs as expected.
Q: Does the old woman invite conversation [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Is the house warm and comfortable [50/50]? No.
The woman leads Katja through the drafty house to a kitchen decorated in faded green and blue wall paper.
Q: Is the Kitchen roomy [50/50]? No.
Q: is the larder well-stocked [50/50]? Extreme no.
Susi: (In Hessian) "You speak German, no?"

Katja: "German... yes, I speak German."

Susi: "I thought so. Have a seat over here. You look absolutely blue, let me throw another log in the stove. I'll set some water boiling for tea, also."

Katja: "That would be nice."

Susi does all that and then gets a bottle of clear liquid and sets out two very small glasses.

Susi: "This should warm you up while I try to find something to feed you. We only arrived this afternoon and I'm afraid Igor hasn't had any luck bringing in game. A yes, a few potatoes. Hmm."

Katja smells the clear liquid and winces. The woman smiles, "Go ahead. It's good vodka. Russians know how to do that, at least."

Katja pours herself a glass and takes a sip and then downs the whole glass. She shudders but she does feel warmer and more comfortable already.

Susi: "That's a good girl. Pour another. I'll be only a moment. I found some beets and carrots. I might be able to mix up a soup."

Katja: "You just arrived?"

Susi: "Earlier this afternoon. We brought our own supper with us, correctly guessing that the larder would be bare. You look like you want to ask me something?"

Katja: "I want to ask you everything. Who are you people and what am I doing here?"
Q: Does Susi reveal the names of Nina and the other members of her party (not to mention Nina's parents) [Somewhat Likely]? No.
Q: Does she do this with kindness [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Does she give any indication that she known what Nina is up to [Unlikely]? Extreme no.
Susi: "Judging by the look Nina gave me, I think I may have said too much about who we are. But you can call me Susi."

Katja: "I... very well. You seem kind and I don't want to pester you with questions that you may not want to answer. But I am so very confused. I just spent 27 months alone in a prison cell and now I find myself in a strange land in a strange kitchen with no idea what's going to happen to me. Over two years of my life... lost. I know it's my fault..."

Susi: "There there, it's not your fault. And nobody's here to hurt you. I don't know what Nina's up to, but... well, I can't imagine that she means you harm. She's taken great risk to bring you here. You must be important in some way."

Susi gives Katja some improvised beet soup and continues, "Nina mentioned a demonstration. Perhaps you could focus on that? Is there anything you need from me?"

Katja: (slurping her soup) "You could tell me when the moon will come out, for a start. And what phase she is in. I think I know, but I can't be sure."
Q: Will the moon rise shortly [Likely]? No. If it hasn't already risen then it means it is waning (which does't fit thematically). Thus, the moon is already up and has been for some time.
Susi: "Girl, the moon is nearly full. She's been up for some time. Take a look."

Katja races to the window, breathing quickly. And there it is! High in the sky, bright and majestic.
Q: Does Katja feel any power from her goddess [50/50]? No.
Katja is instantly comforted, even though there is no tangible supernatural feeling inside of her. She is just overwhelmed to finally see the moon again.

Katja: "She's more beautiful then I remembered. It's strange though, I wasn't expecting her to be full. For as long as I can remember, my cycles have lined up with the phases of the moon. By my count, she should be waning crescent right now. Of course, not even knowing the difference between day and night for over two years may have screwed up everything. It's disorienting. And wonderful. If she's nearly full, the Goddess should be in her full power... assuming she is even in this world."
CQ: How does Susi react to Katja's talk of moon goddesses [Event Meaning]? Kill Vehicle (she tries to stop this conversation and will steer things to more practical matters).
Susi: "Why don't you sit down and finish you soup before it gets cold. "
Q: Does she invoke the name of the girl when she talks about getting Katja bathed and dressed [50/50]? Extreme yes.
Q: is the other woman Russian [Very likely]? Yes
CQ: Name [Everyone everywhere]? Yuliya.
When Katja finishes her sparse supper, Susi says "Yuliya should be done drawing your bath. Come with me and we'll see if we can't get you cleaned up and dressed in something more comfortable".

(Next up... a meeting with Nina)


CHARACTERS - A name is given to the young woman (Yuliya). Igor is added to the list.

* Escape to freedom
* Regain the favor of the Silver Huntress
* Demonstrate magic to Nina
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother

Updated Chaos Factor 3


The Silver Huntress is a primordial goddess of the the Moon, Fertility, Magic, and the Hunt who was pretty much forgotten on Katja's world. From an early age, Katja had dreams that foreshadowed her calling. In some dreams she would be an ancient (primitive) priestess conducting cthonic rituals. In others, she would actually be a wolf hunting some kind of prey. Katja always imagined that these dreams were leading her to become a Druid. She had no idea that she'd be called to revive a much, much older cult.

Once Katja began her adventuring career [in game terms, she spent a couple of levels as a rather ineffective Ranger], she was nearly killed by a crossbow to the chest. She had a vision of the Silver Huntress and she was miraculously healed. But she wasn't called just yet. In subsequent dreams, the Huntress appeared to be arguing with another ancient (male) deity over Katja's worthiness to lead "The Hunt". Eventually, the argument was resolved and she was formally called to be a cleric.

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