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Moon Goddess: Scene 4

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In which the woman and Katja arrive at a remote dacha in the early evening.

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Woman in Uniform
The Woman's Mother
The Hard Man with the Nasty Scar

* Escape from the mysterious woman
* Regain the favor of the Silver Huntress
* Demonstrate magic to the woman in the uniform
* Solve the mystery of the woman's mother


The scene occurs as expected.

The bright sun gets lower in the sky (it was never really that high to begin with) and the horseless carriage makes its way over snowy roads through an endless evergreen forest.
Q: Did the woman provide Katja with warmer clothes or at least a blanket [Likely]? Yes
Katja snuggles under a blanket that she found in the back seat. She is wide awake, though. It seems like she has been asleep for years and she is fascinated by the snow-covered beauty of the forest. More than that, she is fascinated by the "scientific" automobile. The seats are wide and the ride is much smoother than a similar carriage of her world, even though the road is in terrible condition (the woman curses as she is forced to navigate several treacherous sections).

Katja also considers the whirlwind of events in the last hours. After years of nothing happening to her, she finds the pace of events unsettling. The relative quiet of the automobile helps her collect her thoughts. Who is this woman? Is she friend or foe? At first, she was certain that she was a foe. Certainly, she wants to use Katja to further her own political situation. In that, she reminds her of her own mother and her brother [see note below]. And the dream must have been a warning. But what kind of warning? Was the dead dream woman Katja? Or was it the woman's mother? Surely that dead woman is intimately involved in this affair.

For the moment, Katja decides against probing the woman for answers. There will be time later, when Katja is not feeling so vulnerable.

As darkness falls, the automobile produces lights to illuminate the road. The woman turns and navigates a small stretch of road to reach some kind of hunting lodge.

Katja: "Is this your house?"
Q: (50/50)? Extreme No. Q: Did it once belong to her family [Likely]? Yes
The woman laughs, "I wish. It belongs to the State now. But it used to belong to my family. We used to come here when I was a little girl. My mother loved this house."

Katja: "And your father?"
Q: Does the woman have memories of her father [50/50]? Yes.
CQ Who was her father [Wikipedia]? USS Holmes (interpret as Russian Navy officer, likely rarely around)
Woman: "My father rarely came here. He was usually at sea. When he wasn't, we spent most of our time in...
Q: Would she say Petrograd (50/50)? No.
Q: Would she say Leningrad (50/50)? No. Assume Saint Petersburg (which says something about the woman's commitment to Party)]
...Saint Petersburg. When he did come here, he was happy, though."

Katja pauses, then says, "You never told me you name."
Q: Does she tell her [50/50]? Extreme no.
Woman: "You right, I didn't."

From the tone, Katja gathers that the conversation is over. Names have power, even here. Katja assumes that that this woman would prefer to hold onto hers.
Q: Do servants come out to meet the car [50/50]? No.
The car stops and the woman leaves the car to open Katja's door. Katja struggles to keep the blanket wrapped about her as she stumbles through the snow on the path leading up to the house.
Q: Are there lights on in the house [Likely]? Yes.
Q: Does the woman knock [50/50]? No.
The woman uses a key and opens the door. She shouts something in a language Katja doesn't understand.
Q: Are they greeted by just one ally [50/50]? No, two.
Q: Is one of the allies on old woman [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Is the other one a bull of an older man [50/50]? No.
Q: A handsome young man [50/50]? No.
Q: An attractive young woman [Likely]? Yes.
Q: Does the older woman speak German (now, at least) [50/50]? Yes.
CQ: What name does the older woman call Katja's rescuer [Everyone Everywhere: Russian]? Nina (short for Antonina).
The older woman makes a superstitious gesture and speaks Hessian (in a dialect closer to Katja's own than Katja's "rescuer"), "Nina, it is your mother's ghost!"
CQ: The older woman's name [EE - German]? Susi.
Q: Is the young woman German as well [50/50]? Extreme no.
Nina gives the old woman an icy stare and says, "Susi, it is most assuredly not my mother's ghost. You'll see that when you get her out of these clothes and spend time with her. Which is exactly what you are going to do. See that she is fed, bathed, and properly clothed." Nina then switches to the unknown language and addresses the currently confused young woman. She nods and disappears into the house.

Nina (in Hessian again): "I have things to which I must attend. Katja, I will see you in two hours. I hope you will be in a state to discuss the demonstration that you promised me."

Nina then leaves without bothering to wait for an answer.


CHARACTERS - A name is given to the mysterious woman in uniform (Nina). Add Susi, the young woman, and Nina's father to the list.

* Escape to freedom
* Regain the favor of the Silver Huntress
* Demonstrate magic to Nina
* Solve the mystery of Nina's mother

Updated Chaos Factor 4


Without going into a lot unnecessary detail, it should be mentioned that Katja has unresolved issues with her brother (Ulrich) and mother. Katja enjoyed a very close relationship to her father. When he died, her mother and brother kept trying to marry her off. They forbade her from hunting or sneaking off to the old standing stones on her estate where she would pretend to be a Druid (this was before she was called into the service of the Silver Huntress). One day, she discovered her brother doing something really nasty to her best friend (who was supposed to meet her by the standing stone). Katja may or may not have stabbed her brother (it was a confusing encounter there was blood on her dagger) and she fled her homeland to seek adventure in distant lands. As far as she knows, her brother never stopped hunting for her.

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